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Yogendra: 24 years on meds - now on Pristiq / desvenflaxine

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13 hours ago, delsol said:

I just want to respond to say good luck, and amidst the sea of many posts on here, the fact that yours says "24 years" is what made me click. It's been 27 years for me. I think those of us who have been on these drugs for over 20 years are probably more common than we realize. I sometimes feel shame and then remember that if it was easy to kick these drugs, I would have been able to do it 20 years ago! Wishing you peace and an occasional moment of wellness during this challenging time.

Thanks Delsol,


Yes perhaps you are true the ppl like us are more in numbers than we think of. Yes I know reducing the doses and switching over the meds and that too without guidance of any doctor may sometimes be very troubling. But I am left with no other option.


I clearly remember the day I visited doctor for few anxiety issues and I was since then put on various meds. And then it continued. I wish I had tried some other options. Meds only hushes the nature's voice and the problem more often than not remains  as it is and event gets aggravated sometimes. Eventually we have to face it and emerge stronger. That is the only way out.


Let's see where this journey takes us. One thing is sure that I just can't live like this on meds and with these side effects. I want to be free of all this mess and have burning desire to live healthily at least upto 150 years.

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