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Titotito: Second day on celexa


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Hey everyone,

I’m glad I found this forum... It’s better to know in advance what we are getting ourselves into.

I’ve been anxious, insecure and often depressed. Ever since loss trauma and the way I grew up, I can’t really feel emotions anymore, they are very repressed. Just the negative feelings are easy to feel. I asked my doctor to give me antidepressants thinking it would make me better, maybe free my emotions.

I am on my second day of celexa, already in the first dose my anxiety seems to have disappeared... 

I am now wondering if I should continue. It seems hard to stop, and from what I read, it numbs the emotions.

If you could start over, would you avoid trying antidepressants?

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Hi Titotito and welcome to SA,


If this is the first time that you have ever taken a psychiatric drug and you now wish to stop after only 2 days then it would be best if you do not take it any more.  You might have some uncomfortable symptoms but because you have only taken 2 doses, it will probably only last a short while.  Only you can make the decision about whether you wish to continue taking it or not.  However you have the advantage that many of us here did not have and that was finding out very quickly about the negative side of these drugs.


For me personally, if I had been provided with appropriate counselling, support and been taught general life coping skills and other  non drug coping techniques I do not think that I would have taken an antidepressant.


If you decide that you wish to continue taking your drug, at least you are aware that if you ever decide to stop taking it then it is best to taper it slowly.





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PLEASE NOTE:  I am not a medical professional.  I provide information and make suggestions. 

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@TitotitoI second what chessiecat said.  If I had it to do over, I would never get on antidepressants.  I point blank asked my psychiatrist if they were addicting, and he said "no".  I had no idea how dependent my nervous system would become on them, and how hard they would be to get off.   I had PTSD from trauma, unresolved grief, and lacked life skills.  In hindsight I would have been better off with therapy for the PTSD and learning better life skills. 


Good luck, and I'm glad you are thinking about this now.  

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***Please note this is not medical advice.  Discuss any decisions about your medical care with a doctor who understands psych meds and how to withdraw from them, if you can find one.


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Run screaming from ADs.  They will destroy your life.  I never had anxiety like I did after taking ADs.  Anxiety was so mild compared to the anxiety I had after ADs that I laugh about how naive I was.  I remember being in a Group therapy right after I started an ADs and everyone talked about anxiety.  I felt so lucky to not have that.  Well, after a few months, I had it, too.  Yes, ADs help at first, but then your body adjusts to them.  Your body will ramp up the hormones that cause anxiety in response to the drug.  It then becomes a vicious cycle.  RUN SCREAMING.


I’m dead serious.


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2016 - Xanax prescribed - as needed - 0.5 mg about every 3 days (bad reaction)

2016 - Stopped Xanax

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Early 2017 - Trazodone prescribed for bedtime (doseage unknown)

Feb 2017 - Completed taper/stopped Trazodone

Drug free since Feb 2017

2017 - Unisom otc very rarely for sleep

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