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Gluten-free to avoid irritating gut after Zoloft?


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For those who have experienced gut issues after being on zoloft/sertraline, have you found that complex/processed carbs (eg bread, pasta, etc) have caused issues for your gut? And if so, has going gluten-free helped this at all? I'm now at the point where eating toast or pasta makes me quite ill afterwards with bloating, stomach cramps, & diarrhoea. 

Jan 2020-now - Tranexamic acid and 800mg ibuprofen for heavy periods

2015-2020 - Sertraline (Zoloft) - started at 25mg, went up to 200mg, tapered back down to 75mg, off in August 2020 (don't recall dates)

2015-now - Ritalin on and off as needed

2015 for 6 months - (before Sertraline) a month on Lithium, list of others I can't recall, Quetiapine (period of psych trying me on different drugs to see what would 'work')


Supplements: Probiotics | Magnesium + zinc + B6 | Hemp seed oil (omega-3) | Ferrograd (iron) + vitamin C | Collagen 


Intro topic: lostmysock: Sertraline 5 years, off since August 2020

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