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willgetbetter: feel brain damaged by mal practice(50 mg abilify no taper up or down at 17yo)


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hi my problems arent really tpering or anything. i had a severe adverse reaction to abilify 50 mg no taper up or down for a week at the age of 17 (18 now) and had severe akathisia for about 2 weeks along with an inabilty to stay upright it was too tiring an inabilty to do anything and an inability to focus at all i had to lay down and just feel how internally sick i felt like something was knawing at my nervous system and then parkinsonism for 2 months also now feel brain damaged i cant feel emotion and nothing feel too real i cant feel anything i cant even feek drugs like weed or alcohol amd barely anything from nicotine for the first couple months amd now nicotine just guves me an extreme sense of anxiety. i also now just have way too much anxiety in general and my head feels dry or dull i have to keep myself distracted. after a month getting off meds i felt okay doing nothing then i missed a night of sleep becuase of noise and immidiatly developed noise anxiety. which has never happneed when i missed a night of sleep before my expirinece with meds. i developed adrenaline rushes that i got all day whenever i tried to focus on anything too much and every single time i trued to fall asleep i got an adrenaline rush and noe i have noise anxiety too whih makes rhose worse because occasionaly loud cars drive by and rumble my core which if im trying to relax or if im thinking about how much i dislike the noise anxiety iill get anxiety so i have to stay active all dsy whih is hard when i have difficulty concentrating on anything also i cant do anythung relaxing because of the noise so im basically in a constant state of stress and ive missed 5 nights of sleep in the oast 20 days and the nigjts i did sleep it was either completely unrestful or only 4-7 hours. i guess im just looking for hope that people have healed from the mental and physical anguish of severe adverse effects of hugh doses or anythung like that, tgen maybe if i somehow turn of my brsins intense fear trauama response to noiss i migjt be able to get back to healing. any help or support is appretiated 

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Hi, willitgetbetter.


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