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Twelve-Step Recovery & Surviving Antidepressants

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16 hours ago, FarmGirlWorks said:

How I think of it now is an analogy with a radio dial (remember those?!). God is always there, transmitting love and messages. But sometimes the dial isn't tuned into the "God Station" because we just can't. That's okay. God is still there and sometimes we can hit that station, sometimes not so much. I feel like WD messes with our ability to tune in. Anyways, that's how I think of it.

This is spot on for me. The wd’s just make it harder to tune in.


I keep saying it but I say it because it’s true. Stopping drinking is only the first step towards recovery from alcoholism. There is so much more to recovery than just stopping drinking. If the only thing I had done was stop drinking and I never had a go at the 12 step program then I would have gone insane and ended up in an asylum anyway. I needed to find a way to cope with life without my crutch. I had to get to know myself, get to know my defects. The defects that made me want to blot out the world. I believe that the 12 steps bring about a personality change and the steps are certainly helping me through my wd’s.




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