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Kundalini & shamanic initiatory illness

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Lol , thankyou Petunia.  Perhaps we are all healers.

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I was pretty sure kundalini was what was happening to me..6 months after I came back from India (and several wacky kundalini ceremonies), I started to have shooting pains up my back and then the whole gamut of other symptoms..I'm now experiencing it all again. I cannot remember if I had stopped the drug back then or was in poop-out. You couldn't make this up. Ha!

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Bonnie  Greenwell - Buddha at the Gas Pump Interview

Bonnie has published several books and articles related to kundalini and spiritual awakening, most recently “The Kundalini Guide” and “The Awakening Guide”, she is a non-dual teacher and a transpersonal therapist who has specialized in working with spiritual emergence issues for 30 years. She was a founder and organizer of the Kundalini Research Network. 


In this interview she talks about the kundalini awakening process, and offers tips for how to deal with many of the often uncomfortable and confusing symptoms. Some of what she talks about will be familiar to us going through withdrawal because we share many of the same symptoms which isn't surprising because in both kundalini and recovery from antidepressant withdrawal, it seems that some degree of nervous system 'rewiring' is taking place.


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Thanks for sharing this...I watched part of it and thought it was interesting. Christina Grof and her husband were early pioneers in this field in the west. I couldn't find much on the web, but they co-wrote couple of books, one called "the stormy search for the self". Would definitely not recommend their process of Holotropic breathwork to people in WD though.


I find it much more helpful to see wd in a light of spiritual process, rather than illness. Shifting one's view helps in living through the symptoms..ie. they have a purpose, and not just there to torture us.

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