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Anyone know anything about Amantadine?


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my psychiatrist said i could try amantadine to see if it helps my akathesia. i'm scared to take the drug. i'm scared i'd have some bad reaction or make things worse somehow. i dunno anything about this drug.

-On SSRI since April 2006.
-December 2007: SSRI discontinuation and withdrawal start.
-February 2008: SSRI reinstatement... improvement, yet withdrawal symptoms remains to this day.
-Currently taking: 16mg Citalopram, 1mg Risperidone (for insomnia).
-Current issues: obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), social anxiety disorder (SAD), insomnia, exaggerated physical symptoms of anxiety, muscle fatigue, weight gain, high prolactin/low testosterone

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Hi Earthworm,


Amantadine is a parkinson drug and is used to treat extra pyridimal side effects of psych medication.


I would urge you to check out the side effects before use, as it carries a very high risk of suicide as a listed side effect, even in people with no prior problems,

i dont know what your medication history is, maybe youve never used any psyche med, but either way i would advise extreme caution.

Most of us here, learned the hard way, that docs do not always DO THEIR homework before prescribing, but this site and its members have learnt to do there's.


Its your choice ultimately, but please take it knowing the full facts, educate yourself before you take anything, prescription or otherwise.


Hope this helps.


Suicide is listed as the number one side effect - I have not told you this to scare you, but all drugs carry a risk, and if you have been on any psych medication

then this should be a big red flag for you

Began taking 30mg Seroxat on 15th Jan 1997 for grief issues. Remained at that dosage until Dec 05, did doctor ct, akathesia set in along with being non functional and overly emotional, brain fog. Doctor prescribed prozac, propranelol and diazeapam to counteract side effects, and told me to ct those 3 after 2.5/3 months use, induced wd seizure on 2nd day after ct. Was reinstated on seroxat 20mg in april 06, remained at that dose until Nov 07 and began a very slow taper lasting 56 months, finally DRUG FREE on 11th may 2011.

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I don't know about this particular drug, but I will say I've been through the ringer with antipsychotics and I fear I'll have permanent damage. The last two years for me is a blur. I feel like I was on LSD and my death bed at the same time for all that time. I chose to put a stop to my doc trying to get me on antipsychotics. She protested of course. Funny she said "But you know you have hallucinations?" lol, as if I didn't know. I am treating it all well naturally now.


Yeah, I say do your research. I know this condition can be torturous. I've experienced it a few times and glad it went away.


Hmm, I just edited this because I looked up the drug and don't know if it's an antipsychotic. I don't want to scare you. Just read up on it and see. I just wish I'd done that with Paxil before I took it. I would've found all these people and been warned.

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EW, I don't know about amantadine. I'm sure your doctor is experimenting, hoping to find something that works. It might work or it might not.


What are you taking the Risperdal for? Is that supposed to help the akathisia? If so, I would question why you need to keep on taking it.

This is not medical advice. Discuss any decisions about your medical care with a knowledgeable medical practitioner.

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