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Tessica: weaning off effexor


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Hi. I've been trying to wean myself off Effexor for months. This is my second go at it. My GP said it should only take a month but it's been so much longer. I've only ever been on 75mg. At the moment I'm taking one of those capsules every second day so technically I'm on 37.5mg. That's the lowest dosage. I'm taking capsules(i don't think they sell the tablets in AU) so i can't cut them. I'm trying to stretch to taking one every three days but the headaches are unbelievable. And  I'm so grumpy! I've been told people are on it for life but i don't believe i need it anymore and I'm sick of taking tablets. I just don't understand why it's effecting me so badly when I'm on such a low dose. I'm tempted to go cold turkey and just deal with it but i know that's not the best thing to do. Advice would be greatly appreciated. 

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Welcome, Tessica.


From what we've seen, skipping doses is a terrible way to go off psychiatric drugs. Those withdrawal symptoms are likely to get worse. Please get a prescription for 37.5mg right away and take that amount every day. You can resume tapering after a while, maybe a month or so, when our withdrawal symptoms completely go away.


See Tips for tapering off Effexor (venlafaxine)

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Hi Tessica,


Alostrata is right about skipping doses. Stabilize and then resume tapering at a slow rate. I have found that I have to exercise. Full sweat exercise almost everyday. It makes a huge difference. My dose was 225 mgs a day and I am down to 18.75 today. A few months back I wanted to have it done and over with yet I was going too fast.  I realized for me, tapering has to be a whole body situation. Eating well, exercising, and listening to my body are absolutely necessary. I'm able to keep going with the knowledge that my efforts and sacrifices are all for the good of being anti-depressant free at some point in the future.  It is a process that takes time, patience and a fair amount of discomfort.  Yet, it can be done! Hang in there, Tessica. Go slow so you can experience tangible results which will keep your motivation up. 


250 mgs of Lamactil from 2007 to present

Systematically tapered for 7 months off 225 mgs of Effexor 


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Hi Tessica77, we are in Brisbane, Australia. My partner is on Enaflax XR 150mg. The content in the capsules are three little tablets if that helps. Shane is into his second week of 1st taper at 10%, this Sunday will be the start of his third week xo 

March 2014 Effexor XR 75mg (occasionally in between Apo-Venlafaxine XR not suited)

2015 Effexor XR 75mg, March 2016 Dr prescribed three days of unknown AD. March 2016 back to Effexor XR increased to 150mg. September 2016 - 2018  Enaflax XR SR 150mg. 20th March 2018 Apo-Venlafaxine XR for 11 days due to Enaflax XR SR unavailable.31st March 2018 Enaflax XR SR. 31st March 2018 to date ( confused and wanting a separation, I am gutted, I have lost my soul ) 18/04/18 commenced self tapering, 30 hours, 19/04/18 32 hours last dose, 20/04/18 33 hours last dose, 21/04/18 34 hours last dose, 22/04/18 9.30pm dose, 23/04/18 11.30pm dose, 24/04/18 11pm dose, 25/04/18 5am dose, 26/04/18 7am dose, 27/04/18 11am dose, 28/04/18 11pm dose ( recreational D out drinking with boys 29/04/18 1pm dose, 30/04/18 12pm dose, 01/05/18 7am dose, 02/05/18 skipped, 03/05/18 11.30pm dose, 04/05/18 skipped , 05/04/18 6pm dose, 06/04/18 7pm dose 








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