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Hi all.  Below is a chart of mood vs energy vs intellect waves I found helpful in understanding what was going on during a previous taper.  Many may have seen it before since it is originally intended to explain the various types of depression.  I found it helpful in understanding what was going on with my weird moods and cognition that I had never experienced prior to taper, either on or off rx, and were very confusing to me.  The way I see it,  as we taper these waves can be in various states (even other than those show) from day to day or even hour to hour until they find their, your particular body's own, individual natural state of homeostasis.  From months to years.  Maybe that state isn't ideal, but we can work on modifying it by safer, more natural means.


I hope some of you find this helpful.  Would love to hear your thoughts.


My Name? I simply want -to want- to do anything.  I usually have no interest, desire or motivation to do anything; affecting every part of my being.


Since 1989:  Prozac, Wellbutrin, Zoloft, Effexor. Singles of various doses and various combinations.

Several periods of time off, months to years, since then.

2013:  Zoloft 50mg (Solo 7 Months) Emotional Blunting etc.

2013:  Zoloft 50mg + Wellbutrin 300mg Very little help for emotional blunting.

2014-2016:  Prozac 20mg +Wellbutrin 300mg w/ various dose adjustments.  I continue to complain of Apathy and Emotional Blunting despite not feeling depressed. Dr. Continues to raise doses, when I suggest lowering.  Finally, I decide to lower P. dose myself.  Notify Dr. on next visit/next week and ask about tapering schedule. Dr. Recommended Stop Cold-Turkey from 40P, 450W.  "Its ok with these meds, If you start feeling weird, just take a 10mg Prozac".  Throws me into a month long Hypomanic phase followed by Emotional Dysregulation/Reactivity and Dysautonomia w/ vasovagal syncope and Chronic Fatique. 

3/25/16: Prozac 10mg

5/13/16: Add Wellbutrin 150 (=P10, W150)  various (higher) dose combos since reinstatement.  Needless to say, w/ a new Doctor!

1/18/19: Back to P10, W150

6/26/19: Begin Prozac taper, 9mg.

8/12/19: Prozac 8mg.

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