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Advice/Input needed re food related symptoms


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Hi there;


I really need some input on this, anything would be helpful at this point.


I have developed some sort of post-eating syndrome. The symptoms closely resemble some kind of post-prandial (post-eating) adrenergic syndrome where I am getting MAJOR adrenergic symptoms every time I eat . I get dizzy, shaky, woozy, extremely irritable and agitated, vision problems, heart racing, confusion, cognitive fog, I could go on, after every time I ingest food. It seems to be worse with foods higher in sugar, but I get it even if I eat a rice cracker, an egg, a piece of beef, a raisin, ANYTHING. It is AWFUL.


I've had it now for a couple of months, about a month after my more severe withdrawal symptoms hit me. It is wreaking havoc on my life as I am just trying to stay in control all the time with my two small children. I've been trying to ride it out, hoping it will eventually just fade. I've been assuming that it is withdrawal related, but now I'm just not sure.


Has anyone else had this? I'm not talking about specific food intolerances, but actual reaction to eating in general. There is nothing I have found that I can eat that does not give me this reaction.


I'm scared. I have not seen a doctor about this yet. I can't go on like this much longer, especially because I'm trying to take care of my two small children and I just don't know what to do.


Do you think this is withdrawal related? Can it get better? I just don't know what to do.

I thought it was getting better, but looking at it now, I don't really think it is.


Thank you for any input.


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Hey Nickie,

I was just talking about this the other day. If you can, consider juicing for a few days. It eliminates the actual act of eating, chewing , digesting etc....but it is not fasting becasue you'd be juicing all fruits and vegetables giving you all the proteins and fiber and vitamins you'd need. You would just have to get recipes on line. I really hope this helps. Maybe someone else has some good /better advice.

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Nickie, eating or the lack thereof is a wd issue and it is a huge anxiety symptom.


With anxiety, as soon as I eat my intestines do their part to digest food, however I get the anxiety feelings in my gut at the same time... Is this what you are referring to?


I get dizzy, shaky, woozy, extremely irritable and agitated, vision problems, heart racing, confusion, cognitive fog, I could go on, after every time I ingest food.


The WD and anxiety go hand-in-hand and it is quite disturbing. I have found that I have to eat plain foods, small amounts, and eventually this passes. I had this so bad on Sunday I took a Xanax. It helped a great deal. I don't like to take drugs, I was in bad shape with anxiety on Sunday and needed to interrupt the cycle.


Have you tried Baking Soda in water? It can be soothing.

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Many people with withdrawal hypersensitivity have reported weird reactions to eating. Our systems release hormones for digestion, etc. The good news is, it does go away. Figure out what you can eat with the least reactions and hang in there.

This is not medical advice. Discuss any decisions about your medical care with a knowledgeable medical practitioner.

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Hi Nickie,


Gosh. I'm really sorry to hear that. I mean, that's a very tough problem because you need nourishment, not just to properly recover but to continue on living.


The SCD diet, which is a diet for people with severe GI disorders such as ulcerative colitis recommends a lot of homemade broth as it is very easy to assimilate relative to solid food and nutrient rich (though calorie poor).


You might want to cut up a whole chicken or some chicken pieces with bones (thighs and legs are good, I think). Organic is ideal but if you can't get it, that's ok.


Chop up, add some salt & pepper (optionally), bring to boil, simmer a few hrs (2.5 - 4) on stovetop or using a slow cooker. Strain put the chicken parts and refrigerate overnight. Remove the top layer of fat and try the broth. Freeze the chicken meat for a later meal.


That's one idea if you're feeling up to it. And if you do better with liquids.



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Hi Nickie. I do this at times. Fortunately not every time I eat though. Sometimes I have to go lay down after I eat, I just feel flushed, nauseous, hot flashes, just weird stuff. I take a couple of ginger capsules after I eat and that help digestion a bit and the nausea too. Hang in there. It will get better. I think the juicing idea sounds good too.

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Thank you all for your replies.


Alex, I will try your chicken broth recipe, thanks. I hope you are doing alright.


This morning, after my initial awful post wake up dread had faded, I actually felt OK. It was like, holy cow, there I am, I'd almost forgotten what ME felt like.


And then I ate a bit for breakfast and all heck broke loose.



It frightens me that the simple act of eating and digesting sends my body into a major stress response. I wonder if this will slow my recovery because I can't stop eating, and thus my body is constantly trying to recover from being stressed.


Well, maybe I'll lose those pesky few extra pounds that have been lurking since my pregnancies, urk!!


What can I say? Hope springs eternal.


cheers and best wishes to all of you

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