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Duolingo language app: might help improve cognitive abilities


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When i got of on SSRI(zoloft) i got hard time with cognitive abilities.

i read something about language learning and interacting with a language could help people with mental problems(OCD,schizofrenia,depression and PAWS)


most of it is located in the prefrontal cortex. Also the place of the higher brain function for logical thinking.


For me downloading language apps especially duolingo was a given, it improved my cognitive abilities alot.


for me the language greek, russian, arabic and hebrew where the best. Since it also make you to draw letters on your screen and to remember them.


it did not matter for me to learn them or not, but i used it more as a cognitive functions improver.









2014-2020 Haloperidol
2017-2021 Zoloft
2018-2021 Issues zoloft so i decreased on both Haloperidol

November 2020 Taper down Haloperidol(barely any issues)
March 2021 taper down from zoloft(alot of issues)
Zoloft taperdown from march till late june
25mg was my dosage, may 10mg(from 10 too 5 was hard), 5mg in end of june every lowar dosage gave me alot of issues. clean in end of june.

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