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ShellofMyFormerSelf: sertraline - planning to taper off


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I tried cutting 5% off and it made me irritable and nasty towards others. I felt disheartened as my family is important and I didn't want to be snappy towards them, so I went back on my 50mg and stabilised. I tried doing 2% and it had the same reaction, so I got worried again. 


6 days ago I cut down 12.5mg, feeling fed up with myself. I didn't feel bad at all, no snappiness and wrongly thought this meant cutting faster helped me. But now today I feel dizzy, tired, confused. It's not great. I don't feel as terrible as when I went cold turkey on a different med in the past. 


I don't know if I can stabilise at this decrease. Should I? Or should I go back onto 50mg and stabilise then try again with the 2% cut. Wait longer and hope for the best? 


I haven't gone close to 21 days yet, so I'm still safe to reinstate if I do. 


Thank you. 


Edit: my family member doesn't help as they keep saying that because I get irritated on 5% cuts, it's not helping. But as I didn't get irritated on 12.5mg cut, maybe this is the right way. So I keep getting scared. 

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Hi ShellofMyFormerSelf,


In order to give you the right suggestions we need to know more details about the reductions and updoses you have done and any other drugs and supplements you have taken in the past and/or currently taking.


Please create your drug signature stating the drug name, the dose and the date you started taking that dose like this:


drug name:  dose, date; dose, date; dose, date;


Also see these instructions:


Instructions:  Withdrawal History Signature


You might find this list helpful.  You may have experienced withdrawal symptoms in the past which you have not attributed to stopping the drug.


Dr Joseph Glenmullen's WD Symptoms Checklist


Post #1 of this topic explains how to get non standard doses:


Tips for tapering off sertraline (Zoloft)


Once we have this information will be better able to assist you.


This is your own Introduction topic.  Each member has only ONE Introduction topic.  Your own Introduction topic is the best place to ask questions and journal your progress.  This keeps your history in one place and means you will not need to repeat your story. 


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