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Mormont63a: Citalopram Hell


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Hello together,


English is not my motherlanguage so i try my best to understand me.


Citalopram in June. The First zwo weeks all was Okay but then the hell Brook Loose.


Im at Home now, Not able to work. No sleep since june, my mind ist Not Clear and my Brain swims Like in an Aquarium. My Hearts Beats everytime without pausing. I got suicidal thoughts....


I dont know what to do. 


Perhaps you can help.





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Hi, Mormont.


Welcome to Surviving Antidepressants. 


Are you still taking Citalopram? If not, when did you stop? 


Please let us know more about your drug use. Is Citalopram the only psychiatric drug you've taken? If not, please let us know more about your psychiatric drug history (names of drugs, doses, and dates you were on them). 




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i reinstated a little amount of 2,5 mg. Yesterday. My doctor want to give Seroquel for me to calm the CNS. Im Not Sure I take Cito in The Morning.


The horribelst Problem ist insomnia

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54 minutes ago, Mormont63a said:

i reinstated a little amount of 2,5 mg. Yesterday.


When did you start taking Citalopram? At what dose? When did you stop? 


We really need the answers to these questions in order to help you. The amount of the reinstatement is determined by the dose you were on prior to reinstatement and how long ago you stopped. Please see:


About reinstating and stabilizing to reduce withdrawal symptoms


Tips for tapering off citalopram (Celexa)


Why taper by 10% of my dosage?


57 minutes ago, Mormont63a said:

My doctor want to give Seroquel for me to calm the CNS. Im Not Sure


We don't recommend adding new psychiatric drugs to treat withdrawal symptoms. The goal is to reinstate the right amount of Citalopram to help minimize withdrawal symptoms, such as insomnia. 



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started in 2011. 10,20,30 then i had 10 mg for 2 years. I canceled the CT on 9/2020 and started taking a small amount of 1 mg due to WD symptoms. I've had a quick rejuvenation and that ends up in total chaos on 6/2021.


I cant work or Go Out of the House.

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