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Effexorhelp: Effexor ER withdrawal symptoms while still taking


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I have been taking 275mg of venlafaxine for 6 years or so. In the past, I have missed a dose or two and suffered the consequences of withdrawal for a day or two. The brain zaps are the worst. But, recently I have been taking my normal dose and am having withdrawal symptoms. I am having flu like symptoms and extreme changes in my body temperature, chills, headache, dizziness, brain zaps, and body aches. I am almost positive I don’t have the flu because of the brain zaps (negative covid too).
 I have been really happy with the medication, other than what is happening now. I am wondering if it could be something in my diet or somehow my body is not absorbing my medication. I have also checked to make sure the dosage the pharmacy gave me, is correct. It also occurred to may that maybe I am sick with something and it is changing how my body absorbs my medication (thus brain zaps). 

 I can’t find any information on this happening. Anyone have links to articles or studies relating to this? Thanks

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Hi, Effexorhelp.


Welcome to Surviving Antidepressants.


I'm not sure what's going on, but you may have reached tolerance to the drug. This phenomenon is called tachyphylaxis, or what psychiatrists euphemistically call "antidepressant poop-out." 


Tachyphylaxis, Reaching Tolerance or as It's Lovingly Known "Poop-Out"


Usually people report feeling more symptoms of "depression," as opposed to the classic withdrawal symptoms, though. Are you taking any other psychiatric drugs? When was the last time you skipped a dose of Effexor? 


Please note we're a site for tapering off psychiatric drugs, so if you're happy with psychiatric medication and are looking to updose or switch to another drug, we won't be able to help you here. Please let us know if you're interested in tapering and getting off this drug without going on another. 



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