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Craving Milk or Sweetened Condensed Milk


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Does anyone crave milk or sweetened condensed milk?  What does this mean?  Do I have some kind of of deficiency? 

1997-1999 Xanax 

1999-2000 Slow taper off of Xanax nonsupportive by my 'doctor' at the time. 

2000- 2018 Burpropion, first at 75 mg, then 100 mg, and finally 300 mg. 

2012-2018  Experienced 'poop symptoms: digestive issues, tumors, inability to tolerate stress, weight gain, etc. 

November 2018 - I decided to start a very slow taper. The initial dose was 300 mg. 

2022- As of March 17, at 22-mg Bupropion.  

2024 - As of Feb. 14, at 4.5-mg Bupropion

The game ended on May 1st, 2024 - Discontinued Bupropion at 4.5 mg. 


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