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Thank you for listening. I'm 65 y/o man and have used serotogenic drugs and supplements over much of my life for the treatment of depression and Clonal mast cell disease. I became aware of several new symptoms that didn't seem to relate to symptoms associated with Mast Cell Disease in 2022. I recall having some of these similar issues in the decades leading up to my Mast Cell DX. I wasn't aware of these symtoms of Serotonin Toxicity at the time, and My mast cell doctors didn't deal with or see these other symptoms and focused on DX'ing and beginning treatment for mast cell disease. As I improved over a few years' time, I continued on with my confusing life, trying to work and get by. I had experienced so many personal losses in the decade leading up to my Mast cell DX that I had become quite introverted and had just enough energy to work my job and rest as much as I could.
In 2022 my anxiety and insomnia increased, and my immunologist doubled my Doxepin dosage. I had also been using very high doses of Curcumin for inflammation management as Mast cell doesn't tolerate most anti-inflammatory meds. Following this increase in Doxepin, my primary care wanted to change my glyburide to metformin for its safety profile. Another serotogenic drug, but I wasn't knowledgeable about serotonin toxicity yet. My Anxiety and Insomnia worsened, and I began experiencing my eyes darting back and forth randomly, restless leg and tremors in my face, ankles and hands. I visited several immunologists and mast cell specialists, but I was a mystery. I began researching my symptoms on my own and discovered Serotonin Syndrome symptoms but prefer the Serotonin Toxicity name as Serotonin Syndrome should seem best used to describe the most extreme form of Serotonin toxicity.
I began working with my doctors and Pharmacists to remove or change my meds that are serotogenic and I began removing any supplements that elevated serotonin levels. That was at the end of 2023. I had reached 64 years of age and retired. I have gradually improved but still am quite sensitive to stimuli that increases serotonin levels. Looking back over my life, it seems that I might have had sensitivity or perhaps elevated levels of serotonin all along. My Dad had similar issues and died pretty early at 50 y/o. I've not been tested genetically for any kind of neurotransmitter system dysfunction, but I do often wonder if there is perhaps an inheritable, genetic issue with something in my neurotransmitter systems.
I have virtually no support. My wife and I divorced 20 years ago, and my children have no desire to understand my life now. I have one sister that offers some sympathy but her family doesn't want my problems to interfere in their lives and I don't want to cause her stress which will end up causing me stress. I work really hard to keep my life calm. I don't think her spouse believes I have any real medical issues and would rather my sister not get too involved at all in my situation. I get it. He's quite  type A and career focused as well as a great provider for his family. I realize people are often struggling to be successful and maintain relationships and homes in their own circles and are often uncomfortable with unusual, chronic health conditions. 

I'm working on understanding how to best understand treat my 2 disorders and have a decent life.

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Hello, and welcome to Surviving Antidepressants. We are a peer support forum to assist in tapering off psychiatric drugs safely, or recovering from psychiatric drug withdrawal.


Your first task is to create a drug signature, with the following:


  • All current medication you take, the dose you take, when you started the drug, and when you made dose changes
  • All current supplements you take
  • An accurate history of recent drugs, taken in the last 12-24 months
  • Dates for recent should be written as 7 Oct 2023, or Oct 7 2023, or early Oct 2023, or mid Oct 2023
  • A history of drugs taken 24 months ago and beyond - if applicable
  • Dates for historical drugs can simply be listed as start and stop years
  • Please do not use 07/10/23 // 10/07/23 as this is intepreted differently around the world


  • Please leave out symptoms and diagnoses. See my signature for example of clear and concise information.


Active Monday-Friday UK time



1) Sertraline:

50mg - Oct 2020, 100mg - Dec 2020, 50mg - April 2021, 75mg - May 2021, 50mg - Sep 2021; 55mg - 23 Feb 2024; 60mg - 20 March 2024; Start tapering - 24 April 2024

Current dose: 57.93mg  (15 May 2024)

2) Mirtazapine:

15mg - Nov 2020


Cod liver oil, Magnesium, Vitamin C

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