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Noadz4me: Not sure if this is "Hello" worthy (Mirtazapine related)


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It was suggested I do this by a moderator (I believe), so here I am introducing myself.


For the past ~2 months, I've been in a roller-coaster ride of a relationship with a girl that I love very much. During this period my anxiety has skyrocketed, and some mild/moderate depression has resurfaced as well. I have tried Paxil, Prozac, and Zoloft in the past, but never for more than 2-3 weeks max. With those 3 SSRI's, I had total anorgasma. I had been AD-free for 10+ years.


I did online research about AD's that didn't cause sexual side-effects (being in this new relationship, I didn't want to deal with that, if possible). I started taking Mirtazapine as that seemed to be the best option for my desires.


Anyway, I've only been on Mirtazpine for 19 days total. I took half a 30mg tablet for the first 6 nights, then took the whole 30mg tablet for 13 nights in a row. I decided I wanted to stop. I've stopped cold turkey now, and it's been about 48 hours since my last dose. So far I haven't noticed anything odd. I cried earlier a bit, but I think that's situational stuff due to this relationship (it may be at its end).


I'll update this if my cold turkey technique fails me.


Edit: Oh, I just wanted to add that Holy Basil seems to be excellent for anxiety. I can't say for sure it's a placebo effect, but the first night I took it, I had the most relaxing, wonderful night with my girlfriend that I had in memory. I've used it since and I feel like I've been able to control my racing thoughts sooooo much better than I had before. Could be the remaining Mirtazpine in my body, but I suppose it's worth a try for others that have experienced intense anxiety.

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Hi Noadz4me,

Welcome to SA and thank you for posting an introduction.  I think your story is worthy of a 'hello', we have members here who have problems after taking only one dose of their medication.


This is quite rare though and you may actually be fine after taking Mirtazapine for only 19 days. 


But if you wanted to minimize the risk of experiencing some uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms which could occur, you may want to  reinstate a half dose and hold there for a week, see how you feel, then perhaps halve it again before stopping completely.


You might want to read through our topic on tapering, just for your own information:




I'm sorry to hear that your relationship might be ending, it sounds like its been quite the experience.


Please keep us updated about how you are feeling, whatever you decide to do regarding meds.  There is a lot of friendly help and support here if you need it.





I'm not a doctor.  My comments are not medical advise. These are my opinions based on my own experience and what I've learned. Please discuss your situation with a medical practitioner who has knowledge of tapering and withdrawal...if you are lucky enough to find one.

My Introduction Thread

Full Drug and Withdrawal History

Brief Summary

Several SSRIs for 13 years starting 1997 (for mild to moderate partly situational anxiety) Xanax PRN ~ Various other drugs over the years for side effects

2 month 'taper' off Lexapro 2010

Short acute withdrawal, followed by 2 -3 months of improvement then delayed protracted withdrawal

DX ADHD followed by several years of stimulants and other drugs trying to manage increasing symptoms

Failed reinstatement of Lexapro and trial of Prozac (became suicidal)

May 2013 Found SA, learned about withdrawal, stopped taking drugs...healing begins.

Protracted withdrawal, with a very sensitized nervous system, slowly recovering as time passes

Supplements which have helped: Vitamin C, Magnesium, Taurine

Bad reactions: Many supplements but mostly fish oil and Vitamin D

June 2016 - Started daily juicing, mostly vegetables and lots of greens.

Aug 2016 - Oct 2016 Best window ever, felt almost completely recovered

Oct 2016 -Symptoms returned - bad days and less bad days.

April 2018 - No windows, but significant improvement, it feels like permanent full recovery is close.

VIDEO: Where did the chemical imbalance theory come from?

VIDEO: How are psychiatric diagnoses made?

VIDEO: Why do psychiatric drugs have withdrawal syndromes?

VIDEO: Can psychiatric drugs cause long-lasting negative effects?

VIDEO: Dr. Claire Weekes




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