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Eleven10: 30 months off Prozac


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My dear friend, 

I know how disappointed you are and how frustrated u are,

I think the recovery time is a function in the period of having the drug and u say u had it for 17 years ( as I remember from the introduction) so your brain must need lot of time to fix what happened in this long time.

I don't think that you scored nothing by stopping the drug, you may have scored alot and may be very near to recover.

Have faith please that everything will be ok and this is life.

What ever the time you would take for recover, you will forget about it .

Alot of people had severe life experiments and for long times but they could live and happily .

What if you were obliged to wait this period cured from any other disease, you were to be waiting, consider it is the situation.

Hang on please and have faith❤️.

i wasn't on a certain drug all the period. i took many drugs many times and for no very long period but to simplify.

--fluvoxamine maleate100 mg + amisulpride 200mg------started july 2012 and total taper in february 2015 ( 9 months without drugs then)

--sertraline 100mg -------started november 2015 and total taper (withoud reduction slowly) in november 2016( 4 months withoud drugs then).

--sertraline 100mg + quetiabine 25mg ( started in mars 2016 and for 7 months) then fluvoxamine maleate 100mg again for another 7months and after that a something like to use every drug for 14 days and for about 1.5 years.

--my last drug was trintellix 10 mg ( used it in 12/2018and total taper in 4/2019).

symptomts i have now ( bad concentration and problems in short and long memory+ bad depersonalization).

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