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Pudendal Nerve Entrapment PNE


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Hey Alto and other members on the forum 

Has anyone in withdrawal ever tested for PNE  (Pudendal Nerve Entrapment) / other pelvic dysfunctions  ? Could this be a complication from the trauma ? 

Didn't see a single thread about this on the forum so thought of bringing this up ?

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  • ChessieCat changed the title to Pudendal Nerve Entrapment PNE

I've recently been diagnosed with pelvic floor dysfunction, my pelvic muscles don't seem to remember how to work properly and are doing the opposite of what they should be. I'm seeing a physio and have also been referred to a neurologist. The pelvic issues started towards the end of last year.


Withdrawal can cause muscle issues - I'm sure it's all related. I've never had so many physical ailments as I have in withdrawal, but I've never had so much anxiety and stress (caused by the WD) either, and I think it's having a physical effect as well as mental.

2002 - Prescribed fluoxetine 20mg for mild situational depression and anxiety. Over the years also briefly swapped about on citalopram, sertraline and venlafaxine during poop out. 2012 - Cold turkeyed fluoxetine. Within 3 months was suffering from aggression, anxiety, panic attacks and paranoia. GP put me back on tablets as I was 'relapsing'. I didn't know anything about WD then. Jul 15 - Wanted to quit fluoxetine again so tapered off (skipping doses) over 6 weeks under advice of GP. Aug 15 - Last fluoxetine dose end of August 2015. Dec 15 - Had my first real crash after discontinuing. Found this site. Aug-Dec 16 - Signed off work because of a herniated disc & severe sciatica. Prescribed diazepam (took for 6 days and got WD symptoms on stopping; nausea, morning cortisol spikes, anxiety, anger) and codeine which I was on for 4 mths. Can confirm - opiate WD is nasty but nowhere near as bad or prolonged as SSRI WD!
Withdrawal symptoms have included: extreme anger and irritability, lethargy, depression and weepiness, anxiety, stomach upsets, loss of appetite, excessive sweating, muscle and back pain, insomnia, cortisol surges, akathisia, inability to cope with stress.
Things that help: herbal tinctures (rose, lemon balm, chamomile and skullcap), seaweed baths & epsom salt baths, fish oil and magnesium.

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