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ConstantFight - self-harm question


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In 2005, I started with Prozac and Klonopin (2 months) (reactions: increased OCD, started self-harm, suicidality increased, hospitalizations for od, a bit bipolar) 

Then my doctor added Abilify (and I believe he added a stabilizer),

switched me to Effexor unsuccessfully for 1 month (reactions: more suicidality, panic, etc.)

then I went to high dose Lithium for 7 +months (reactions: heavy weight gain, anhedonia)


Afterwards, in 2006, I chose to travel the holistic route. I was briefly on another antipsychotic and sedative 4 years ago that left me with brain zaps (and possible motor tics) after withdrawal.


Has anyone noticed a start in self-harm (& suicidality) after Prozac or another med?? I know others have reported incr. in OCD. 

If so, have you figured out a successful way to treat the self-harm and reverse the effects ??

Does anyone know about theories on how Prozac changes the brain, or as to why this occurs? 

Does anyone know of reports of motor tics starting after a sedative or other med?


It has been ten years and some of my symptoms have gotten really bad and I can't figure out how to shake them. 


Any help would be greatly appreciated as I am struggling,



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 Hi C.F ,


Welcome.  You will receive a lot of help and  support here.  So that your questions can be answered accurately , could you please fill in your drug history signature.



Some of the symptoms you have experienced are side effects of the drugs.  Have you tapered off any of the drugs you have been on ?  Are you wanting to taper off them ?  If you can fill in your signature, that will be a good start to answering some of your questions.



Many SSRI's and SSNRI's over 20 years. Zoloft for 7 years followed by Effexor, Lexapro, Prozac, Cymbalta, Celexa, Pristiq, Valdoxan, Mianserin and more - on and off. No tapering. Cold turkey off Valdoxan - end of May 2014


                                                  Psych Drug - free since May 2014

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Welcome Constantfight,


You are not alone.

1) Has anyone noticed a start in self-harm (& suicidality) after Prozac or another med??

2) If so, have you figured out a successful way to treat the self-harm and reverse the effects ??

3) Does anyone know about theories on how Prozac changes the brain, or as to why this occurs? 

4) Does anyone know of reports of motor tics starting after a sedative or other med?


Are you able to get these books from the library;

Deadly medicines and organised crime by p Gotzsche pg 202-204, for 1)


Pharmageddon by D Healy pg 214-215 for 1)

Basically: In the prozac drug trials Lilly had 6 suicides in the drug cohort and none in the placebo. However they took a suicide that occured before the trial and dumped it into the placebo group and so with a push of the statistical button the active drug cohort suicides vanish and become statistically insignificant this means that when you complain to your doc about becoming suicidal on prozac your doc will blame you and not the drug. This is because your doc will follow the science which means your issue is not statistically significant the science does not support your adverse event -suicide!

When it came to prozac for Lilly scientific misconduct through miscoding meant the difference between billions or bust.

Lilly has committed fraud. Virapen was involved in this criminal offence and then turned whistleblower, Gotzsche explains it, but you can also check it out here:



Psychiatric drug withdrawal by  P Breggin The whole book is an eye opener. chapter 4 pg 44-45 and chapter 3 on chronic brain impairment. - 4)


Anatomy of an epidemic by R Whitaker - all of the above. ie 1) , 3), 4)


For 2) You might find useful Ann Blake Traceys CD 'Help i cant get off my antidepressants ' she doesnt really tell how to get off them but she does go into depth in stuff on things that help in recovery. it can be downloaded here



for 2)  check out this link on symptoms and self care



In terms of 3) i think no one even the drug makers dont know what they are doing to peoples brains...they are causing a massive down regulation of everything basically oh they call these drugs fancy marketing names like ssris to give the impression they are selective but as Healy says there is nothing selective about them at all!

The self harm you are referring to is a side effect of the drug and/or drug withdrawal. My understanding is it is part of what is called akathisia .Often triggered by a too fast taper. Doctors are notoriously erroneous in blaming the patient when it is in fact the drug .

In time the side effects may recede but it may take many years. In the mean time we are all learning to self -soothe.


With all the drug switches and cold turkeys? your cns has been left very sensitized and in chaos.


Heres a great explanation on what has happened to the brain;



Sorry you are in this difficult place. You have done well to now be 4 years drug free, right? (as Alig mentioned be great to put up a drug sig)

Hang in there.

So glad you found sa ...wow four years drug free you are leading the pack!


P.s  Reading these books is very humiliating but informative...and not for the faint hearted.

Thought for the day: Lets stand up, and let’s speak out , together. G Olsen

We have until the 14th. Feb 2018. 

URGENT REQUEST Please consider submitting  for the petition on Prescribed Drug Dependence and Withdrawal currently awaiting its third consideration at the Scottish Parliament. You don't even have to be from Scotland. By clicking on the link below you can read some of the previous submissions but be warned many of them are quite harrowing.


Please tell them about your problems taking and withdrawing from antidepressants and/or benzos.

Send by email to petitions@parliament.scot and quote PE01651 in the subject heading. Keep to a maximum of 3 sides of A4 and you can't name for legal reasons any doctor you have consulted. Tell them if you wish to remain anonymous. We need the numbers to help convince the committee members we are not isolated cases. You have until mid February. Thank you

Recovering paxil addict

None of the published articles shed light on what ssri's ... actually do or what their hazards might be. Healy 2013. 

This is so true, with anything you get on these drugs, dependance, tapering, withdrawal symptoms, side effects, just silent. And if there is something mentioned then their is a serious disconnect between what is said and reality! 

  "Every time I read of a multi-person shooting, I always presume that person had just started a SSRI or had just stopped."  Dr Mosher. Me too! 

Over two decades later, the number of antidepressant prescriptions a year is slightly more than the number of people in the Western world. Most (nine out of 10) prescriptions are for patients who faced difficulties on stopping, equating to about a tenth of the population. These patients are often advised to continue treatment because their difficulties indicate they need ongoing treatment, just as a person with diabetes needs insulin. Healy 2015

I believe the ssri era will soon stand as one of the most shameful in the history of medicine. Healy 2015

Let people help people ... in a natural, kind, non-addictive (and non-big pharma) way. J Broadley 2017



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G'day Constant - 


Yes.  I have personally witnessed people "learning" to self-harm by 2 factors:

1.  The extreme restlessness caused by the drug (2 of my personal friends started self harm after Effexor added)  Any change in drugs will increase your withdrawal symptoms and side effects, making you look "crazier" than you really are.

2.  The culture in the hospitals, where patients teach SH as a coping technique.


I would firmly request that you post no graphic descriptions of your self harm.


Even though your self harm is drug induced, I strongly recommend "Bodily Harm" a book by Wendy Lader.  She runs an inpatient program called SAFE (Self Abuse Finally Ends) - she doesn't look at diagnosis, only techniques for self care, connection, and getting better.  I helped one friend through the SAFE program, and have had SAFE contracts with other friends who have suffered from self harm.


You can connect with others in the community here:  http://www.selfinjury.com/


All of my personal friends have "outgrown" or developed beyond the need to self harm.


The first step is to learn to sit with your feelings.  Feelings may be uncomfortable, but they cannot kill you.  Like a drug, self-harm damps down the feelings as a coping mechanism.  It is not necessary.


Please, complete your signature, so that we can address your current drugging, to see if there is anything we can do to help.  By filling out your signature, we can see a short version of your story wherever you post, and understand better where you are coming from:


How to complete your Signature


Complete your Signature from Phone or Tablet


Welcome to SA!  You will find a compassionate, understanding and supportive community here - and tons of information to help you in your healing journey.

"Easy, easy - just go easy and you'll finish." - Hawaiian Kapuna


Holding is hard work, holding is a blessing. Give your brain time to heal before you try again.


My suggestions are not medical advice, you are in charge of your own medical choices.


A lifetime of being prescribed antidepressants that caused problems (30 years in total). At age 35 flipped to "bipolar," but was not diagnosed for 5 years. Started my journey in Midwest United States. Crossed the Pacific for love and hope; currently living in Australia.   CT Seroquel 25 mg some time in 2013.   Tapered Reboxetine 4 mg Oct 2013 to Sept 2014 = GONE (3 years on Reboxetine).     Tapered Lithium 900 to 475 MG (alternating with the SNRI) Jan 2014 - Nov 2014, tapered Lithium 475 mg Jan 2015 -  Feb 2016 = GONE (10 years  on Lithium).  Many mistakes in dry cutting dosages were made.

The tedious thread (my intro):  JanCarol ☼ Reboxetine first, then Lithium

The happy thread (my success story):  JanCarol - Undiagnosed  Off all bipolar drugs

My own blog:  https://shamanexplorations.com/shamans-blog/



I have been psych drug FREE since 1 Feb 2016!

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Yes I started self-harming a month or 2 after going on Prozac for mild depression and anxiety. At the time I just thought it was proof I was crazy and needed the medication. Now I'm slowly coming to the realisation that Prozac sent me wacko.


I haven't self harmed for 7 years now, for whatever reason I just felt I didn't need to anymore. But I'm left unable to wear short sleeves at work or in social situations because I can't yet deal with the looks or comments. It's something I need to learn to deal with because summers get pretty hot when you're in long sleeves all the time  :wacko:

2002 - Prescribed fluoxetine 20mg for mild situational depression and anxiety. Over the years also briefly swapped about on citalopram, sertraline and venlafaxine during poop out. 2012 - Cold turkeyed fluoxetine. Within 3 months was suffering from aggression, anxiety, panic attacks and paranoia. GP put me back on tablets as I was 'relapsing'. I didn't know anything about WD then. Jul 15 - Wanted to quit fluoxetine again so tapered off (skipping doses) over 6 weeks under advice of GP. Aug 15 - Last fluoxetine dose end of August 2015. Dec 15 - Had my first real crash after discontinuing. Found this site. Aug-Dec 16 - Signed off work because of a herniated disc & severe sciatica. Prescribed diazepam (took for 6 days and got WD symptoms on stopping; nausea, morning cortisol spikes, anxiety, anger) and codeine which I was on for 4 mths. Can confirm - opiate WD is nasty but nowhere near as bad or prolonged as SSRI WD!
Withdrawal symptoms have included: extreme anger and irritability, lethargy, depression and weepiness, anxiety, stomach upsets, loss of appetite, excessive sweating, muscle and back pain, insomnia, cortisol surges, akathisia, inability to cope with stress.
Things that help: herbal tinctures (rose, lemon balm, chamomile and skullcap), seaweed baths & epsom salt baths, fish oil and magnesium.

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