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When do emotions come back after SSRI use?


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Hi everyone. I wonder if anyone could tell me how long it took to get your emotions/sexuality back after stopping ssris. I’m currently 17 months off sertraline and I’ve seen windows of my emotions returning, but for the most part I’m constantly empty, flat and anhedonic. I’ve been suicidal because of both this and pssd, which go hand in hand. I can’t live like this. I took the drug for 16 months in case anyone is wondering. I’m hoping someone can give me some information about when their emotions started to come back. Or, if you are 10 years out and you still have anhedonia (just like I know quite a few people who are 15-20 years off SSRIs and have both PSSD and anhedonia), do tell, because that’s useful information too. I just really want to know what I’m dealing with here.

Zoloft 50 mg from April 23, 2015 to August 28th, 2016 (1 year, 4 months).

4 week taper. Last dose on August 28, 2016


Mianserin 30 mg in an attempt to reverse PSSD from September 6th, 2017–around mid November 2017 after a few week taper. Did not fix PSSD


Currently taking: Melatonin and magnesium every night.

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Hi Potions,

I can't tell you from personal experience as I am only 13 months off and still have both issues.  But if you look at recovery stories they seem to vary from 1.5 years upwards.  You say you know quite a few people who are 15-20 years off SSRI's and still have the issues; but do you know everything about them?  Because I have heard from others that very often people in this situation, whilst they are off SSRI's, are taking another drug(s) which also has similar effects.  I am not saying this is always the case, just that others have said it is often the situation.  And I remember a thread on here from some time back of somebody saying that they still have PSSD, and then somebody asked them whether they were on any other drugs, and it turned out they were, and ones which have the side effect of sexual dysfunction. 


I have also heard/seen quotes from others that have seen doctors who admit that PSSD exists and has had former patients with it and that in their (the doctors) experience most do eventually recover. 


Taking this into account, I think it is rare that people 15-20 years off still have the problems.  If you look at most online forums most of the people talking about it are in single figures in terms of the number of years off.


Best wishes,





Escitalopram for anxiety (dates below are approximate).


Oct 09 - Apr 10, 20mg (tapered off over about 6 weeks). 

Jun 10 - Feb 11, 20mg (tapered off over about 6 weeks). 

Jun 11 - Aug 12, 20mg (started to taper off but failed). 

Oct 12 - Dec 13, 20mg.  Dec 13 - Apr 14, 10mg.  Apr 14 - Nov 14, 5mg. 

Nov 14 - Jan 16, 20mg.  Jan 16 - Aug 16, 10mg.  Aug 16 - Dec 16, 10mg every other day.  Dec 16 - Jan 17 5mg every third day.  Jan 17 - took last tablet.



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