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Eugene: Off Paxil-have to ri 5mg


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I came off Paxil over the last 3 months and was doing well.  I started 

Repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (rTMS)

rTMS is a safe, alternative and effective, non-invasive neurostimulation treatment for patients suffering with depression who do not respond to antidepressant medications OR who cannot tolerate medication side effects.


i change my diet completely.  I exercised every day , but I think like many I was over confident and went too fast. 


I reluctanly decided to reintroduce ri and small dose of 2.5 mg of the 50 I was originally taking. 


I hope to see some success as my symptoms are nailing me like a truck hitting a stop sign. 


I will post my results positive or negative going forward. 


Been on many antidepressants. And Trazadone


Paxil the longest 6 years. Was up to 60 mg

Went down to 40mg

started tapering off January 2018. 

Came off completely apri 20, 2018


started to feel horrible first week of May.


decided to ri 2.5 mg May 8, 2018 to see if I can control the horrible feelings and taper off slowly over several more months. 



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Hi Eugene, welcome to SA!  


It would be helpful if you could create a signature with your med history, listing drugs, doses and dates.  You can edit your signature under your Account Settings. 

See this topic for more info: Please put your withdrawal history in your signature


How long were you taking Paxil for, and how long has it been since you stopped taking it?  What withdrawal symptoms are you having?  When did you reinstate on 2.5mg?

2001–2002 paroxetine

2003  citalopram

2004-2008  paroxetine (various failed tapers) 
2008  paroxetine slow taper down to

2016  Aug off paroxetine
2016  citalopram May 20mg  Oct 15mg … slow taper down
2018  citalopram 13 Feb 4.6mg 15 Mar 4.4mg 29 Apr 4.2mg 6 Jul 4.1mg 17 Aug 4.0mg  18 Nov 3.8mg
2019  15 Mar 3.6mg  21 May 3.4mg  26 Dec 3.2mg 

2020  19 Feb 3.0mg 19 Jul 2.9mg 16 Sep 2.8mg 25 Oct 2.7mg 23 Oct 2.6mg 24 Dec 2.5mg

2021   29 Aug 2.4mg   15 Nov 2.3mg

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