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Thrive1: support for tapering Paxil


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Hi everyone, I am excited to have this group as support as I start to get off paxil!  


I had a history of several debilitating depressive episodes 1996-2001. Part of the depression may have been that I was developing untreated Hashimoto's - autoimmune thyroid disease.  I have not had a depressive episode since going on psych meds. I had no withdrawal symptoms from my multi year slow taper off lithium.


After so many years, and given the severity and duration of my depressive episodes, I am concerned about withdrawal from paxil and would like the support of a medical professional who has successfully helped many long term uses get off paxil. Where can I find a list of vetted, recommended professionals?



About 1998 - 2000 - Started Paxil 20 mg

2001 - started lithium 900 mg

2008 - 1.75 grain naturthroid

2016 - 600 mg lithium

2017 - 2018 started LDN 3 mg

2019 - 2021 slow taper completely off lithium by end of 2021

2022 - changed to 90 mg Armour thyroid

Currently: 20 mg paxil, 3 mg LDN, 90 mg Armour



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Hello, and welcome to SA.  We are a volunteer-run community of people who have been or are getting off of psychiatric drugs.  Congratulations for successfully tapering off of Lithium using a slow, controlled taper!  


Here is some important information about how these drugs actually work.  This explains why many of us get symptoms from going off of these medications, and why it's so important to taper slowly and carefully, and be very cautious about changing our doses: 


How Psychiatric Drugs Remodel Your Brain


Tapering is best done extremely slowly, and we generally taper by 10% of the current dose no more than once every 4 weeks, so that the reduction becomes exponentially smaller.


 Why Taper by 10% of my Dosage  


Tips for Tapering Paxil


We don't suggest many supplements, but 2 that many of us find helpful are magnesium and omega-3 fish oil. Here are the links for info about those. It is suggested to add one at a time, and start with a low dose to see how it affects you. 


Omega 3 Fish Oil


We do have a list of medical professionals who are knowledgable about tapering and withdrawal syndrome in this link.  Good luck!  


Recommended Doctors, Therapists, and Clinics

Please do not private message me.  Only tag me for urgent questions about tapering and reinstating - thank you.  


***Please note this is not medical advice.  Discuss any decisions about your medical care with a doctor who understands psych meds and how to withdraw from them, if you can find one.


Lexapro   Started Apr 15 2010 - 10 mg;  started taper August 2017, recent taper info: Apr 2 '20  0.18 mg; Jul 16  0.17 mg, Aug 23  0.16 mg, Oct 7  0.15 mg, Nov 8 - 0.14, Jan 16 '21 - 0.13, Feb 7 - 0.12, Feb 22 - 0.11, Mar 26 - 0.10, May 21 - 0.09, June 15 - 0.08 Aug 16 - 0.07, Oct 6 - 0.06, Nov 21 0.05, Dec. 17 0.04, Jan 14 '22 0.03, Feb 19 0.02, Apr 18 0.01, May 15 0.005,  Jul 8, 0.00.  Psych Drug Free as of July 8, 2022!!  Woohoo!!!

other meds: Levothyroxine 75 mg

magnesium in small amounts at 4 AM, before bed

suppl AM: fish oil, flax oil, vit C, vit E, multivitamin, zinc

suppl 8 PM: magnesium 350 mg, extended release vitamin C, melatonin 2 mg


Paxil 2002 - 2010, switched to Lexapro 2010 

Trazodone 50 mg. 2002 - 2019, fast tapered in 2019 

Xanax 0.5 mg as needed 2002 - 2019, up to 3x weekly 

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