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SolidmiseryonAD: Discontinued My Bupropion Taper - Game Over - Now, Starting (Hopefully) a New Game called Healing from Long Term Drug Use


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Yesterday, May 1, 2024, I finally stopped taking Bupropion. I tapered down to a dose of 4.5 mg over six years from 300 mg before deciding to discontinue it. After learning about ‘kindling’ from discussions here, I thought it was time to see if I could manage without the medication since it was becoming more and more difficult to taper, having more and more unpleasant symptoms regardless of how long I held at a dosage.

Originally, I planned to reduce the dosage to zero gradually, but circumstances led me to stop the 4.5 mg dose directly after a very long hold. I made this decision because I was experiencing signs of kindling, such as POTS symptoms, exercise intolerance, IBS, insomnia, weird blood pressure fluctuations, and other issues such as ruination and dizziness.  


Since stopping the Bupropion, I've noticed some immediate changes: my blood pressure has returned to a normal range, and I slept very well last night, like a baby. I'm still feeling a bit tired, but overall, I feel good about my decision and the initial outcomes.


I'm bracing myself for a massive migraine headache that might hit in the next day or so, based on my experiences with previous tapering phases. If this last reduction follows the same pattern as before, I'll likely face some challenging days ahead.


Over the past six years, one of the most frustrating aspects of tapering Bupropion has been the lack of detailed information available. Specifically, data like blood concentrations per dose was impossible to find, leaving me with many unanswered questions as I navigated the process of reducing my medication. This lack of information made each step of the taper more challenging than it needed to be. I’m grateful to this site because I know I’m not alone in this struggle.


I feel like I'm not completely out of the woods yet. There's still a journey ahead toward full healing. Ever since I started this lengthy taper, I've been experiencing tinnitus, which almost never goes away. This constant ringing in my ears is just one of the challenges I'm facing as I work towards recovery.


I'm also unsure if I might need to reinstate the medication at some point. It's possible that what I'm experiencing now is just a brief respite—a honeymoon period—before another wave of symptoms hits me. The uncertainty makes it a cautious time, but I'm hopeful as I continue to monitor my health and adjust as needed.


I plan to keep visiting this site regularly. If I haven't had to reinstate the medication by May 2, 2025, I aim to share my success story here, hopefully inspiring others on their own journeys toward recovery.


1997-1999 Xanax 

1999-2000 Slow taper off of Xanax nonsupportive by my 'doctor' at the time. 

2000- 2018 Burpropion, first at 75 mg, then 100 mg, and finally 300 mg. 

2012-2018  Experienced 'poop symptoms: digestive issues, tumors, inability to tolerate stress, weight gain, etc. 

November 2018 - I decided to start a very slow taper. The initial dose was 300 mg. 

2022- As of March 17, at 22-mg Bupropion.  

2024 - As of Feb. 14, at 4.5-mg Bupropion

The game ended on May 1st, 2024 - Discontinued Bupropion at 4.5 mg. 


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Hello, and welcome to Surviving Antidepressants. We are a peer support forum to assist in tapering off psychiatric drugs safely, or recovering from psychiatric drug withdrawal.


I've moved your post from the success stories topic to the introductions section. Success stories are usually reserved for when someone has been off psychiatric drugs for a year, and/or recovered.



This topic is for anything relating to you, and any questions you have. Please do not start another topic.


All the answers you are looking for regarding tapering and antidepressant withdrawal are on this site. Please search around and continue to read as much as you can manage. Use the site search function to search for specific words or phrases, such as drugs or symptoms.


Here are a few of the most useful links:


Important topics in the Tapering forum and FAQ


What is withdrawal syndrome?
About reinstating and stabilizing to reduce withdrawal symptoms
The Windows and Waves Pattern of Stabilization


Hypersensitivity and Kindling


We only recommend two supplements. Omega 3 Fish Oil and Magnesium. Both should be introduced separately and increased slowly.




Active Monday-Friday UK time



1) Sertraline:

50mg - Oct 2020, 100mg - Dec 2020, 50mg - April 2021, 75mg - May 2021, 50mg - Sep 2021; 55mg - 23 Feb 2024; 60mg - 20 March 2024; Start tapering - 24 April 2024

Current dose: 57.93mg  (15 May 2024)

2) Mirtazapine:

15mg - Nov 2020


Cod liver oil, Magnesium, Vitamin C

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Oh my gosh! Congratulations and I wish you the best! I hope you don’t have a big wave hit— maybe it’ll just be smooth sailing. Weirder things have happened. Take care and I hope we hear a lovely success story next year. Hugs😊

SERTRALINE current taper

Oct 10, 2021: 18.75 mg dose/ 60mg weight; Nov 7, 2021: 15.6 mg dose/50mg weight; Nov 21, 2021: 12.5mg dose/40mg weight

Dec 26, 2021: 9.4 mg dose/30mg weight; Jan 23, 2022: 6.25mg dose/20mg weight; Feb 13, 2022: crossover from 6.25mg dose tablet to 6.25mg dose/.31ml liquid; Mar 13 2022: 0.28 ml; Mar 27, 2022: 0.25ml (5 mg dose if my math is correct); Apr 3, 2022: 0.23ml; Apr 10, 2022: 0.22ml; Apr 16,2022: 0.20ml; Jun 5, 2022: 0.19 ml; June 19, 2022: 0.18ml; Sep 25, 2022: 0.17ml; Oct 23, 2022: 0.16ml; Nov 20, 2022: 0.15 ml; Jan 22, 20230.14ml; slowly decreased over last year to Feb 1, 2024: 0.10ml; Apr 28, 2024: 0.09ml;



Daily: Fish Oil, Magnesium, micronized Progesterone 100mg

Periodically or as needed:  Allegra, Ibuprofen, Vitamin C, B-Complex, probiotics, Quercetin, Nasalcrom,  Stinging Nettle, Vit D

Sertaline Up and down mess: 2021, July 14: 25 mg, 2021, Mar 17: 18.75 mg, 2021, Mar 9: 12.5 mg, 2021, Mar 1: 25 mg, 2020, May 29: 37.5 mg, 2020, Feb 19: 25 mg, 2020, Feb 1: 18.75 mg, 2019, Nov 2: 12.5 mg, 2019, Oct 18: 6.25 mg 

ESCITALOPRAM (generic Lexapro) Sep 2017-June 2019  from 0-5 mg

Final taper: 5 mg > 2.5mg, then 2.5 every other day, then stop)

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  • getofflex changed the title to SolidmiseryonAD: Discontinued My Bupropion Taper - Game Over - Now, Starting (Hopefully) a New Game called Healing from Long Term Drug Use

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