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Hi everyone, just wanted to introduce myself and share my history. I was on 200mg Zoloft for over 5 years, mostly for anxiety but also depression, and have been tapering for around a year now. I've frequently visited this site, which has been very helpful, but this is the first time I've actually posted anything.


I started tapering last June at 25 mg per month and was off meds by January, 8 months later. Then the withdrawal symptoms started. In the first week I experienced what I think people mean by "brain zaps;" short periods of dizziness, disorientation and nausea. In the second week I became extremely irritable, anxious and depressed so I went back to 50 mg and felt better almost immediately.


Although I didn't make it off the meds I did learn a few things and one was that in order to withdraw safety I needed more support, so I started attending a cognitive behavioral therapy group, and then started a second, slower taper (10 mg a month reduction.)


Currently, I'm down to 10 mg a month, and although I feel OK, the withdrawal symptoms are kicking in - less intense than before, but I am experiencing mild head rushes and emotional sensitivity - a random thought can make my anxiety spike.


But overall, I'm doing all right, I'm still able to work and to meet my daily obligations, and I feel comforted by the thought there are others out there who may be having similar experiences, and also grateful that there is a place to write about this stuff, because I know it might get rough.


- Powerpuff

8/1/07: 200mg Zoloft

6/1/12: begin tapering at 25 mg a month

1/1/13: no meds

1/11/13: reinstate at 50mg

3/1/13: begin tapering at 10mg a month

6/1/13: down to 10mg then back up to 15mg

7/1/13: back up to 25mg a month

8/1/13: begin 3mg a month taper

1/1/14: 5mg Zoloft

2/1/14: No Zoloft

2/1/15: No Zoloft one year

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Hi Powerpuff and welcome to the site, this is just a flying welcome on my way out, and to bump your post up so others see it later.

*** Please note this is not medical advice,discuss any decisions about your medical care with a knowledgeable medical practitioner***

Original drug was sertraline/Zoloft, switched to Prozac in 2007.
Tapering from 5mls liquid prozac since Feb 2008, got down to 0.85ml 23/09/2012, reinstated back to 1ml(4mg) 07/11/2012, didn't appear to work, upped to 1.05ml 17/11/2012, back down to 1ml 12/12/2012 didn't work, up to 1.30ml 16/3/2013 didn't work, bumped up to 2ml (8mg) 4/4/2013 didn't work, in July 2013 I reinstated Sertraline (Zoloft) 50mg, feeling better now. 

A few months down the line I switched to 5ml liquid Prozac and tapered down to a compromise dose of 3ml liquid Prozac and have stayed there ever since, no withdrawals and no emotional blunting/loss of libido.


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Powerpuff's recovery success story is here Powerpuff 200mg Zoloft successful taper 1 year later

This is not medical advice. Discuss any decisions about your medical care with a knowledgeable medical practitioner.

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