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Withdrawal symptoms from very short-term use


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hello. are there more people out there who have experienced withdraw from very short term use? Can you tell me about your experience and if it worked to reinstate or to just withdraw and stabilize. It has been weeks since 2 months on Lexapro and I am still messed up. I am not sure if i should just ride it out or if that will do me worse in the long run or if i should reinstate and stabilize even though I was never really stable on the Lexapro because I went on tapering and then off tapering.. Please help

may 2015 - prescribed Lexapro 10mg started at 1.25mg and worked up - horrible reactions but kept going
june 2015 - decided I did not like Lexapro only got up to 7.5mg decided to taper
aug 2015 - Quit 1.25 mg on Aug 15th and have had severe withdraw for 3 weeks so far
Sept 10th 2015 Still experience intense nervous system activity -Not sure whether to reinstate? What mg to reinstate at?

Sucked really bad not sure it ever ended or where the withdraw ended and I began...


New Saga after worst nightmare above . Really trying to hang in their I cant believe I have to go through this again

May 2016 Zoloft 12.5 1 week to 25 1 week - Didnt like it. Titrating down to 18.75 for 4 days to 12.5 for days then told by doctor to do every other day for 1 week of 12.5 then every 3 days for 1 week. 

June 5th Last 6mg dose  ok with slight intense head tension and out of it, really tired Sun June 12th night terrors, fear and darkness all around tried to reinstate 6mg got a headache with it that day and then stopped . Last ferw days the tension in head and back have gotten progressively worse. Not sure what to do now kind fucked it all up.

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Hi ashesinloght,


Have a look at my thread... I took only 2 pills of paxil 7 months ago, and I haven't been right since.  Horrible luck. Heck, maybe this is permanent... I dont know... I cant give you much advice from experience, but if you can ride it out without taking any more drugs I would try.  These chemicals are very hard on our brains.  sometimes I really wonder about this crazy human race!

March 5, 6  2015 1 10mg Paxil each day - only 2 pills total - experienced huge tingle in my head on first pill


numbness in my hands and feet, skin less sensitive over all... not ticklish anymore

**anhedonia, blank emotions

PSSD, anorgasmia

heartbeat rhythm problems

"To err is human.  To really foul things up requires a psychiatrist."



"When you are going through hell, keep going" - Winston Churchill (the only way out is through)

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