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How does autonomic destabilization repair itself?


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I had a question that I was hoping someone could answer. If we destabilize our CNS to the point that we are experiencing protracted withdrawal, is it possible that our brains could be changing in a way that causes further destabilization? I'm asking because I seem to be getting worse and not better. I mean is it possible for our brains to only partially heal and for us to have to accept some of the symptoms of withdrawal as permanent changes to our brains? I'm so concerned that I don't seem to be getting better. My waves are getting worse and worse and more and more frequent. How does homeostasis of the brain work? I know that the brain heals by creating new pathways in the brain, but does it want to create pathways that are similar to what was natural to our body before we used the drugs, or is it just doing the best it can with what it has to work with now. Any feedback is appreciated so much! 

  1. Started Wellbutrin 75 mg IR the end of 2015.
  2. Tried quitting cold turkey in June 30th- July 3rd 2017.
  3. Had severe withdrawals.
  4. Was placed on Wellbutrin 100mg SR so I could taper without withdrawal.
  5. Stabilized on 100mg SR for most of the month of July.
  6. Started tapering on July 17th,  2017.
  7. Completed taper on August 8th, 2017.
  8. Currently experiencing severe withdrawal.
  • Symptoms- Currently experiencing anhedonia, depersonalization/derealization, concentration/memory issues, chronic congestion, chronic dry eyes, dry skin, dislocated TMJ joint from teeth grinding during C/T withdrawal, waves of depression, anxiety, nausea, morning cortisol spikes, insomnia, agitation, food sensitivities, no tolerance for caffeine and chronic fatigue, burning muscle pain in upper and lower back and occasional tinninitus.
  • Supplements- Omega-3 fish oil supplement twice daily, 100 mg of magnesium once daily. 
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 This is a very good question.  Obviously since healing is not often linear, as viewed by the waves and windows patterns, it could be that you might get worse before getting better as our brains search for homeostasis.  Maybe the pathways it's creating is not good enough and will keep trying to do so.

Lexapro 1/17 - 3/17 10 mg.  Switched to Elavil 3/27/17 10 mg

Upped to 20 mg June 5, 2017 3 days, back down to 10mg June 8

Up again to 20 mg June 12, 2017 4 days, back down to 10 June 16

9/17 dropped to 9.5 mg

11/17 dropped to 9.3mg

2/18/17 dropped to 8.8 mg

February 14/2018 Adverse reaction to zofran pill at clinic

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