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Heidi1: citalopram cold turkey withdrawal


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6 minutes ago, Heidi1 said:

I think I know what you mean. I have similar feelings and they can feel very urgent and pretty alarming. 
I’m glad to hear you’re doing a lot better, you sound like you are definitely on your way! 
I am quite worried about the lockdown as I worry that I’ll feel worse when I’m stuck inside and there’s not really anything I can do about it. Trying to tell myself there’s nothing really to worry about though, there should be no reason that I’ll feel bad.

Yes, but I already survived one lockdown, so I know I can survive it again.

Try to stay in touch with your family and your friends (skype, zoom etc. !). It's very important. 

23rd of January 2020 - Started taking Lexapro at 5mg daily.

29th of January 2020 - Upped to 10mg of Lexapro daily.

9th of April 2020 - Reduced to 5mg of Lexapro daily.

23rd of April 2020 - Stopped Lexapro at 5mg daily.

Withdrawal since ~

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This link explains why the "physiologically out of your system" explanation misses the point entirely.     Brain Remodelling     

@Gridley thanks for your reply, I apologise for asking when I know that you did already respond previously. I just have been having such an awful few days that I have felt quite desperate and just wan

I’ve now been off citalopram for just under 6 months.

In the last two months I’d noticed more days of having much less intense symptoms, OCD style intrusive thoughts becoming much more relaxed and spaced out and having more days of being able to enjoy things more, or at least put my attention to things.

For just over a week now I’ve been in a horrible wave, feels about as bad as at the beginning, my symptoms are very intense and my intrusive thoughts are very strong.

I thought I had been seeing some progress but now just getting discouraged as this feels so bad 😔 guessing this is just a setback but I feel like I need some reassurance! 

October 2019- started on 10mg Citalopram

June 2020- increased to 20mg but had bad side effects.

July 2020- switched to 37.5mg Venlafaxine, then switched back to 10mg Citalopram after 2 weeks.

Came off Citalopram 10mg completely on July 20th

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Waves and windows going on.Happens to me even after 2 years which I mark this month, even if I force myself my symptoms would ramp up for some time.

Lorazepam -2 weeks-1 week 3 mg.4 days 2mg, 3 days 1mg. 13-27 November 2018

Lexapro -2 months-6 weeks of 10mg, 2 weeks of 5mg 27 November 2018-27 January 2019

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