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☼ Ten0275: I'm Dave and I'm almost there

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Fantastic news! I wish you all the best in the coming weeks as you start your new drug free life.


I am sorry to learn about your ear troubles. If it does come to surgery there are a few tips on here from Alto re anaesthesia. She mentioned propofol which  is what I just had when I had my gall bladder removed recently. I was quite scared as you can imagine as us in WD don't always tolerate drugs very well but  it gave no rise to WD symptoms at all and I am very thankful for that.


Best Wishes


Flowers xxx

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Hello All,


@Prestorb and @Flowers, thank you both kindly for your words and positivity, much appreciated!


Update: Last night was night 26 of no medication whatsoever. I'm not taking any supplements either at this point except for a probiotic that is included in the whey protein I utilize. Things have been going rather well. I'd had a span of morning anxiety that finally subsided and the last 4 mornings have been relatively free of that morning spike. When I had the anxiety, I dealt with that by utilizing deep-breathing, non-catastrophizing, and waiting it out. That worked.


I'd been dealing with restless legs which was leading to some loss of sleep. I'd started doing some light running again shortly after I discontinued the Mirtazapine. I started to wonder if there was a correlation. After stopping running for a few days, I found that the restless leg symptoms abated. So I do believe the increase in cardiovascular physical activity, and perhaps the impact of my legs on the road, was somehow connected. I'll stick with the weight lifting and some moderately paced walking. I've dropped two pounds since stopping the Mirtazapine anyway and haven't really changed anything, except I don't get the massive cravings for carbohydrates in the evening.


So, all in all, at nearly 1 month off, things are going very well. I feel positive and I feel healthy. I'm engaging in life activities normally. I always bear in mind that things may get bumpy again, but don't dwell on that possibility. Just knowing that it could occur will prevent me from being blind-sided should it occur. I choose to expect success while being prepared for failure.


I'll continue to update as things progress. You know, it really is mind-boggling. When I was poly-drugged and fresh off what really amounted to a multi-drug cold-turkey, things were so incredibly bad for me, it is truly indescribable. Though I know you all suffer on your own paths and so perhaps there is no need to describe, because you experience it yourselves. I never thought I would be here, drug free, I never thought I would heal, especially in those early days. I thought my life was broken and essentially over as I had known it. I thought the years of taking the drugs and my naivety about their discontinuation in the early days had sentenced me for life. But I was wrong and I have never been so happy to have been wrong about something. I am no-one from nowhere. There is nothing extraordinary about me. I truly believe that if you are patient in your tapers and patient in bearing the horrid symptoms that are beyond anything we could have conceived of being subjected to in our precious human lifetimes, you'll also arrive at that finish line and can release the pause button that withdrawal places on our lives.


Hang in there,



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Posted (edited)

Awesome post, Dave.  Thank you for sharing.


For some reason I'm hearing ****** singing "Hello from the other side."






P.S. Not sure why the site blocks the name of the artist who sang that but... whatever.

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Congratulations, Dave!  Wonderful news!!

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Beautiful work getting done with your tapers. I have an idea how bad it was for you as you were poly-drugged like me. It takes some great determination for sure but it get's done.

Enjoy your freedom. You've earned it.



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Congratulations!  As Marie said, 'enjoy your freedom'!  What a beautiful sentiment. 💜

Thank you for sharing as it gives hope to all of us. 

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On 12/17/2014 at 10:26 AM, ten0275 said:

i know i can weather whatever storm. i'll own the pain. i'm not a tough guy at all. but withdrawal has showed me two things: that i can live through hell on earth and that the anxiety and depression that underlies my personal psychology is "normal," and manageable without the use of chemical substances.


Dear Dave, it is wonderful to hear about your journey and the successes you have entailed. 


Going back to your first post, as quoted, I would like to recommend a book for you that will give you insight into the reasoning that people get these manifestations of anxiety, depression etc. And are incorrectly labelled in the Western medical model as mental illnesses.


Where in reality, it is normal. Stan Grof, in his book Spiritual Emergence and The Stormy Search for the Self. He reiterates the perspective that these manifestation I. E. "symptoms" are a Form of spiritual emergence or emergency. There is a play on words there. 


As in a crisis (as in the negative experience--emergency) and emergence (as in the break through when one surpasses the crisis on one's journey). 


I hope these books will give you some peace of mind as to what you are going through or what you went through. 


Oh yes, and that psychiatry is very wrong. 


There are also other resources for rethinking psychiatry such as the blog "Mad in America". Www.madinamerica.com and Robert Whitakervs book Anatomy of an Epidemic. Whitaker can be found conducting seminars on YouTube. 


Wishing you the best of luck. 

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