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Hello...newbie here. I've been on/off Sertraline most of my life. I've been on other antidepressants but currently--->  Sertraline (150mg QD), Bupropion (200mg BID), and Lorazepam (1mg daily). I've been on the benzo for about 10 yrs. Everything seemed ok to a point ---maybe 2-3 yrs now? Where Lorazepam just makes me extremely tired (doesn't seem to do much else), I'm seriously depressed with suicidal ideation (no plans), no interest in ANYTHING at all, I would just love to lay on my couch all day/every day. I have crappy social anxiety so I usually run from social interaction. (Although my job is very much this). Anyway, I decided I wanted to go off everything after I watched a documentary on benzos. I went off my benzo for a month awhile ago...was so proud of myself....but gave back into it bc it was affecting my work. So after reading this site, I'm thinking I should start with one of the others first? I am SO not looking forward to any horrible anxiety ....if I could hide away that would be one thing. I just want my life/brain back...if that's possible. Any suggestions as whether to start with Sertraline or Bupropion? Bupropion honestly doesn't seem to do much for me ....Sertraline was always great but no longer seems to do anything. Nothing seems to help anymore. 😞

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