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celticprincess: 20+ yrs on Paxil and switched to Zoloft.....help!


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I am brand new and hoping for some advice.
I started Paxil over 20 years ago for OCD. Worked very well up until a few months ago. I had managed to taper down to 10mg. Had some stress is personal life and OCD came back in a huge way.
Doctor switched me to Zoloft and over course of 6 weeks went from 50mg to 200mg.
My anxiety and ocd are through the roof!!!!! I dont know what to do.
Do i stick it out with the Zoloft? Go back to Paxil at higher dose?
I'm so lost and feeling this will never get better.
Any advice would be so appreciated.
Best, Kim

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Hi, Celticprincess.


Welcome to SA. 



A few questions that will help us guide you in your taper:


  • What was your original Paxil dose and how quickly did you taper down to 10mg?
  • How did you feel on the initial 50 mg of Zoloft? Did you abruptly stop taking the Paxil? Going from 50 mg to 200 mg of Zoloft when your central nervous system (CNS) was already destabilized may have been way too high a dose. Once the CNS is destabilized, it because extremely sensitive to drugs, even drugs that previously didn't cause problems.
  • How long have you been on Zoloft?

Paxil is an extremely potent drug, so you may be better off tapering from Zoloft, but we really need to know how long you've been on Zoloft to answer this question. 


Here are some links to get you started on learning about tapering: 


Tips for tapering off Zoloft (sertraline)


Why taper by 10% of my dosage?



For information about what to expect during your withdrawal and recovery:


What is withdrawal syndrome? 
The Windows and Waves Pattern of Stabilization





Please fill out your signature with your drug and supplement history. 


Please put your withdrawal history in your signature


This is your thread to list your symptoms and to ask plenty of questions.


I'm glad you found us for information and support. 



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Welcome to Surviving Antidepressants!  You will find much help on this site, it is wonderful! 

I was switched to several different a/d's which didn't work because it meant stopping the Paxil right out.  I ended up back on a full dose of Paxil every time.

My doctor wanted to switch me to Prozac too.  I am keen to hear how you tapered to 10mg and how you are doing now and what you can do about the Prozac switch.

1995-2007      20mg Aropax/Paxil for pain.  Years of up and down doses

2008                Endep, Lexapro and then Esipram (hell!) CT (oh dear!)

2009                20mg Aropax.  Tried skipping doses for a year (more hell!)

                        2010                10mg.  10% taper.  Lasted 4 months. Crashed again

2011                5% taper. 9mg-7mg (hell got even worse!)

2012                2.5% taper.  6.6mg – 5.6mg (worser still & unbearable)

2013                5% taper.  Big mistake.  5.5mg – 4.6mg  (even worserer)

2014                2.5% taper.  4.9mg – 4.5mg;    2015 2.5% taper 4.4 - 4.0mg

2016                2.5% taper.  3.9mg  Feb 3.8   Mar 3.7  May 3.6   Jul 3.5

2017                2.5% taper.  Jan 3.4;   Mar 3.35;  Apr 3.3; Oct 3; Dec 2.9;

2018                2.5% taper. Jan 2.8; Mar 2.7; Mar: 2.75; Jun 2.7; Aug 2.6; Oct 2.5; Nov 2.4; Dec 2.3

2019                Jan 2.2; Feb 2.1;

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