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Nice job andy. I made my jump off zyprexa 6 days ago











Was the way i did it.. i held at each dose for roughly a month.. i can feel thehealing taking place.. moods r up n down though, still on luvox and anafranil for my excessive ocd though. But no longer require zyprexa it was meant to be a short term sleep aid which turned into a year long drug.


Peace god bleas

Luvox 50mg 2014-current

Anafranil 75mg 2020 Dec - current

Zyprexa 5mg 2020 june 

Zyprexa 2.5mg taper sep 2020

Zyprexa 2mg taper 23rd jan 2021

Zyprexa 1.5mg taper 11th feb 2021

Zyprexa 1.0mg taper 25th feb 2021

Zyprexa 0.5mg taper 11th mar 2021


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Hello I always wanted to return to the site and thank all that helped me in the dark hours and also the forum owner and originator for the tireless work that has helped so many people Heres my thread


@andy how many hours did you sleep in insomnia? In how many days insomnia gone?

Olanzapine: 20-10-2020 to 21-01-2021 15 mg at night and 7.5 mg in day

22-01-2021 to 28-07-2021 20 mg at night

29-07-2021 to present Olanzapine 15 mg at night
Clonazepam:  20-10-2020 to 21-01-2021 2 mg at night and 1 mg in day
22-01-2021 to 11-07-2021 0.5 mg at night
12-07-2021 to present 0 mg

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