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  2. You have been off for sometime I wouldn't be starting it again, just ride it out, give it time. Your other symptoms went in time so no reason these won't.
  3. Just found out that I have been taking 7.5mg of Mirt not 15mg. I have been prescribed 30mg for over 3 years and when I reduced I cut them in half so 15mg. My last prescription from my GP was for 15mg so I've been thinking I have taken 15mg as I cut the 30's in half but in fact its 7.5mg so I have reduced without knowing it. I had such a fuzzy head when at gps I must have missed her saying I was getting 15mg not 30mg. I know the tablets are a different colour but as brands change I didn't give that any thought. So I guess I'm doing better than I thought given the big reduction , no wonder I was getting headaches from hell almost every day. So I feel getting 7.5mg next time I can cut to 3.5mg by cutting those in half then off for good.
  4. Mirthazard

    Burning skin, burning feet

    Not sure if its restless legs, the pain and pin and needles sensation is in my feet only, altough i have jerks in my whole body, legs to, while asleep.
  5. Its been 8 months since i quit Lexapro. Its been hell, ofc. But regarding pms? Oh my lord. I suffer from reeealy bad pmdd since ssri. So i had some tests done, showed low on progesterone, i got to try Lutinus. Shouldnt. It nearly killed me. So I decided to try the cream instead. All natural, sounded better. So. Besides feeling like crap from ssri most days of the month.... I took 200mg of the cream, 10 days a month for 3 months, felt awesome at first! Then Another level of hell broke loose. For 10 days a month now instead I shiver, have fevers and "the flue" on and off all the time. Crazy sinus issues! My nerves are all over the place, everthing hot feels cold and vice versa on my skin, feels like cold water running down my back. My eyes hurt, my teeth hurt and worse of all is the burning skin.. Everywhere i had put the cream my skin is on fire 24/7, im red and flushing and sweating like a pig, joint pain, muscle pain, my soles on feet hurt, my left arm went numb, dizzy like crazy and just lie in my bed and shake for some days, and im tired.. Like.. Awfully tired, cortisoldrops thru the days.. Where i need to sleep asap. Anxiety from mars!! The day i get ny period everthing in my body buzzez, i cant even stand up, or even crawl to the bathroom. DP is nothing compared to this feeling. ... These sre just some of my side effects. Its been 3 months since i quit the cream. Its getting little better by time.. But can your body heal itself now? Will my adrenal go back to normal? Have i destroid myself for good? 😕 So Yeah, im scared shitless now. I know progesterone affects cns, and get stored in fat tissues.. So maybe in time it all would be gone from my body. I hope. Just my varning here, I would rather rewind, try again to balance with healthy foods, cbt (like reading Claire weekes), try some herbs instead and listen when most docs said i didnt need any HRT since i have my period every month.
  6. Sorry forgot to say: do I have any other option than reinstate the Citalopram? I mean either I try to reinstate or what do I do, I wait? Will these things will ever go away?
  7. Hello and thank you for your very useful answers and links. I've read them and I think that this is a risky road (reinstatement) but I need to try, don't I? It's been too long I've not been feeling good. I will try to answer some of your questions: Yes I never had them before but I read in some publications online that a relapse can occur in a more intense way from the original one, so maybe this is the case.? The fact that I've taken the antidepressant for such a short time (less than 3 months) can it have something to do with these new symptoms? Like my body getting used to it, then abruptly this medicine disappears and my brain goes in panic because I didn't give it enough time to adjust to the new situation? Yes I've done all the possible tests: including MRI, all negative. Yes I recently bought two new bottles of Citalopram, I use the liquid version so I can use drops instead of tablets. You know I'm writing from Italy and here they are super cheap so it's very easy to get it: I pay only 2.5 euros per bottle ($2.80). I was thinking and thinking of reinstating just trying to get some advice first. So if I was taking 8 drops per day as my max dosage (16 mg), shall I start with 1 drop per day for the first week and see how it goes? Then I can go up with the weeks if I don't feel worse, what do you think? Thank you so much, this forum is so useful Erika
  8. Doubt the damage is from mucuna pruriens alone, however adding mucuna pruriens on top of the other drugs probably was probably too much for your system handle mucuna pruriens boosts dopamine while olanzapine blocks dopamine receptors so the mix can obviously cause problems a low dose of mucuna actually helped me a lot during my taper off psych drugs but it doesn’t agree with everyone The medicine at these hospitals will be high strength extracts which are often mixed together into a tonic, be very cautious with them keep us updated how you get on take care
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  10. U.K. resident. Filled in. 6 years & counting. Lost everything in my life due to it. It’s a living nightmare
  11. Songbird

    Facial Changes

    @Stormstrong I've merged your topic with a similar one.
  12. Yes, plenty of members are doing very gradual liquid tapers, although not daily reductions, that would likely be too fast. For more information, see these topics: Micro-taper instead of 10% or 5% reductions The Brassmonkey Slide method of micro-tapering Are you able to get a commercially-made liquid, or will you be making your own?
  13. Yes I panicked and went from 15mg back to 30mg and paid the price, that's when I found this site, thank god. No intention of upping my dose now as I feel as stable as I can be at 15mg. I'm expecting to feel bad and have raised anxiety because it was there when I started this med, that's why I took it, but I will just have to deal with it head on I guess. I have totally underestimated the power of these drugs and would be very reluctant to go on them again unless things got so dark that I couldn't see any light as I did before.
  14. Please be aware than when updosing it is better to increase by a small amount and see how that affects the withdrawal symptoms. It takes about 4 days for a dose to get to full level in the blood and a bit longer for it to register in the brain. If after 1 or 2 weeks you find that the withdrawal symptoms are still unbearable you could then increase by another small amount. It is better to increase gradually than to risk taking too much. Please see Post #1 of this topic, much of which is also relevant to updosing: About reinstating and stabilizing to reduce withdrawal symptoms
  15. ChessieCat

    steadyeddy: Just wanted to say......

    are-we-there-yet-how-long-is-withdrawal-going-to-take Windows and Waves Pattern of Stabilization
  16. steadyeddy

    steadyeddy: Just wanted to say......

    Hi I'm eddy My timeline ive been off citalopram for 3.5 years now currently going through a big wave. I was wondering what sort of time everyone else has been off their meds and any advice to help with the waves thanks eddy
  17. Never stayed on 22.5mg for long because I found going back up a dose after I panicked when I dropped to 15mg made me feel worse so that is why I went back to 15mg and stayed there. Thanks for the advice I know deep down I should ease up but I'm just sick of this drug and want it out of my system. I read that some do this drop over years not months and I just don't think I could handle that amount of time. Perhaps I am setting myself up for failure but I think the drop to 7.5mg is the only option for me, but I will keep updating and can only hope its not too harsh.
  18. Nelly

    Nelly: coming off fluoxetine

    Hello i reduced to 8 beads on 2nd May. I am feeling a little anxious and depressed. No nasty physical symptoms. Sleep pattern has changed slightly in that I am waking earlier and not feeling that overwhelming tiredness when waking. Have I reduced to 8 beads to soon? Or do I need to take these antidepressants for the rest of my life to keep my anxiety and depression at a low? Started taking fish oil 1000mg approx 3 weeks ago. Disappointed to be feeling so low again. X
  19. Started a new job yesterday. Extremely anxious, but I was able to play it cool and get through the first day. I feel like I’m at least capable of working right now, which is good. Still dealing with anxiety but I am still improving.
  20. Songbird

    How to cut up tablets or pills (using a pill cutter)

    @BfromNJ I've merged your topic into our pill cutting topic. Before I switched to liquid, I used to cut pills and weigh them - I tried a pill cutter but couldn't make it work, so ended up cutting my pills with a sharp kitchen knife instead.
  21. Andie

    Andie: tapering off Pristiq

    Hi @Altostrata Still struggling along. I haven’t made the switch to Effexor yet. I am having a lot of problems with early morning panic, vivid dreaming and muscle spasms. It’s had a really big impact on me and my day to day functioning. I still don’t know what sent me into full blown withdrawal in October 2018 despite a slow taper.
  22. Admin, You may want to move this to the media section as it may be a better fit there. I originally posted here because the Wim Hof method is scientific at its core (Wim’s method is rewriting science books). The video attached is informative but not exactly scholarly or something you would find in a scientific journal.
  23. That's really lovely of you, Rabe. Thank you. 💜
  24. Hello dear Rabe I'm sorry to hear you are still so affected by everything and feeling unbalanced. Sounds like you managed to get to your daughter's today to see your granddaughter? Such an achievement if you did, I know it is hard when in particularly tough times. Let's hope you are able to go along on 1 June - but if not: is the best way to cope with it - and be tender with yourself. much love, your PF Neroli 💜
  25. Songbird

    juelli: intro

    Hi Juelli, welcome to SA. It's hard to know for sure, but I think it is quite likely that you've been in withdrawal from both Effexor and Klonopin. I wouldn't call jumping off at 10mg Effexor a CT, but it's possible you may have tapered too quickly. Also, Effexor is well known for being difficult to withdraw from. I think it is possible that your less intense wave could be a result of some healing from Effexor withdrawal after 18 months. It's great that you've learned some good coping strategies. It would be helpful if you could please create a signature containing a summary of your med history, including all drugs, doses and dates (starting and stopping). Your signature appears below every post you make, and helps us see your situation easily without having to read from the top every time. You could look at my signature for an example. Instructions for creating your signature are here: Please put your withdrawal history in your signature. You can edit your signature here: edit your signature in Account Settings. Looking at your current symptoms, if you still are experiencing quite severe symptoms as you taper Klonopin, it could be a sign that you may be tapering too quickly. We have a benzo forum here (Benzo tapering and recovery), and mods who are experienced with benzo tapering. It might be a good idea for you to create an introduction for yourself in the benzo forum as well, so our benzo mods can assist you with your klonopin taper.
  26. Im sorry you had a rough day today Neroli. I do find that I have a bad day and the a good day...and on the good day I walk more and do more and then the next day I am often back to being not well again. Hard to find a 'balance' in all this. Im grateful for you! 💜
  27. Notes: Fatigue and heavy legs have been at level 8-9-10 all day. I think it's probably because I overdid it at the gym with the physiotherapist yesterday - or it could be a super-wave. Whatever, it's been a long, tough day and I'm pleased to be in bed at last. I wish this meant that I would sleep like a log and wake up later - but I guess it will be the usual pattern of Nortriptyline black-out to around 3.30am, then light sleep or dozing to 5.45am when I cannot sleep anymore and have to get up. Things to be grateful for: My legs carried me around enough today to be able to look after myself. Was able to do work at home. Knitting, which helped me get through the afternoon. Videos of people gong through the same sorts of issues from these drugs, makes me feel less isolated. Support from people on this site.
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