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  2. Thanks for the reply I've had a good read of the thread and I think you're right I'll try and taper out the Prozac first
  3. My name is Lisa aka drugged. The side effects from my current dosage of venlafaxine are very close to intolerable but reducing the dose quickly would cause intolerable withdrawal. When I look at a capsule of venlafaxine in my daily meds container I actually feel hatred and loathing for it. I want to flush it down the toilet, flush all of them down the toilet, but I know from experience what would happen so I take the dose and I know that in X hours the side effects will get really ugly. Side effects and withdrawal symptoms basically blur into a big amorphous blob of misery.
  4. woof

    Cannabis, marijuana, THC, and CBD or Hemp oil

    Hello ChessieCat, I do, I really do appreciate the fact that I have just come from a few years of hell. And I am thankful everyday that anxiety has finally completely left me, I can enjoy things again and that I sleep everynight. 🙏 Thanks Woof, Woof😀
  5. Checking in. For the month so far (doing the BM slide), I've reduced escitalopram by 5.59% as follows. mg % 7/19/2019 5.35 2.76 7/26/2019 5.30 0.93 8/04/2019 5.25 0.95 8/11/2019 5.20 0.95 Wd symptoms have been very manageable. However, it's been 7 days since last taper and I'm now having some symptoms arise. Is that unusual? I'm finding I can make a larger taper in the first week, followed by 3 smaller tapers. Assuming this round of wd symptoms fades quickly, next month I will try to reduce by more than 5.6%. Maybe try 7 or 8%.
  6. Guilietta

    bayernbaby: tapering 20 mg Duloxetine

    Hi bayernbaby, Welcome to SA. I am also tapering duloxetine. I am not a moderator but I can share my experiences with this drug and tapering. For the tapering process - the BrassMonkey slide taper has made a huge improvement in my withdrawal effects. I initially made the 2 mg drop per advice of the MD - and was miserable for more than a month. I should have held at that point - but didn't know any better - so had prolonged issues. I have found in my case that WD symptoms have appeared weeks or a couple of months after a drop - and with no apparent trigger. I am also taking clonazapem - which is on my taper list. I chose to taper duloxetine first. Clonazepam has as Gridley pointed out a sedating effect and I have also been on it for years. If you are on a short acting compound (which I currently am) I have found that splitting the dose makes a HUGE difference. Good luck. G.
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  8. Guilietta


    p.s. Try blue light blocking glasses when looking at computer screens, your TV, etc. There is evidence that they help with sleep https://www.cnet.com/how-to/what-are-blue-light-blocking-glasses/. You can purchase an array of them from Amazon. Try comedies as opposed to thrillers at the cinema.
  9. it was a hard week and I didn't feel good yesterday at all but kept fighting it and making it worse, I guess. I always find a way to blame myself for feeling bad: I wasn't trying hard enough or I was trying too hard. today my goal is simple: stop expecting to feel better than I do. accept what I actually feel. we'll see how that goes. today I am grateful for this beautiful weather I am grateful for library books I a grateful there is a Unitarian Universalist church in a town 30 minutes away that I can go to my plan for church is to avoid all caffeine, expect to be nervous, don't expect to enjoy it because I don't like being new places and trying to meet new people, and plan on coming home after and doing nothing but reading. it's a plan.
  10. Gridley

    bayernbaby: tapering 20 mg Duloxetine

    We recommend tapering only one drug at a time, so you're doing it right, tapering the activating Cymbalta first, while leaving the sedating Clonazepam as a buffer to be tapered after you're off the Cymbalta. Taking multiple psych drugs? Which drug to taper first? Again, please be very careful about the rate you're tapering the Cymbalta. Of course, you're free to determine your own taper rate, but It would be better to slow down now than after you start experiencing withdrawal symptoms.
  11. Guilietta


    Hi David. I have experienced many of the symptoms you listed in your post of Aug 13 - 16th. Chills pre-bed time (or some times during the night) - I'd end up putting on PJs, a bathrobe, and climbing into bed (and socks), and fleece robe on top of the whole lot. I felt better. As for the jitters - nothing to do but put up with it and know it is the medication side effect. Eventually it goes away. It is unpleasant. There are weighted blankets you can find on Amazon. You might try sleep masks that block out light. There are some that have pads and the slight pressure may be relaxing. Eat more protein and whole grains and less sugar. Protein is important for kicking the neurotransmitters into action. Whole grains and fiber help stabilize blood sugar - and balance with protein at the same snack or meal. Low blood sugar (or spikes caused by all the sugar) will cause light headedness, etc. So will dehydration. So drink plenty of water. I hope this is somewhat helpful. I defer to the experts on the beads. G.
  12. Tomash


    Hello, I got back here after sometime. I had pretty hard year. Finally, a coach from a charity helped me to get a steady job. Since then, I have got money for futher progress. I lowered the dose a bit fast, as till 5mg I feel usually comfortable. Now I am waiting for stabilization and I will wait through out the usually dificult autumn. Then I will taper off by the method (10% per month). I have a future plan for a better job and I am excited by that. I am also starting to have more relationships. In the last few weeks, I was surprised by my discovery of DMT halucinogen, which is probably natural part of our bodies. I did some research, and found that antipsychotics lower its level, which i guess can contribute to the "zombie" like state of those who are taking it. I started to higher DMT in my body, apart form meditation certain diet and being in nature helps a lot. Also I am curious about the effect of antipsychotic withdrawal on DMT level in the brain. Maybe that is why withdrawal makes LSD-like states of mind? Is it similar to the dopamin problem? I am looking for answers how to lower DMT in the body as well, but apart from eating meat I am not finding an answer. It might be true we need DMT but need a strong and healthy nervous system as well. Anyway, it shows again how slow taper is important.
  13. Guilietta


    Hi there! I split the doses with the liquid as my symptoms starting about 3 became anywhere from unpleasant to acutely unpleasant. I did not realize until Alostrata's comments that liquids are short-acting - so the liquid is out of my system for the most part by 1.30-2ish. Perhaps with beads I may not have this issue as they are ER. But I honestly don't know as I am at 50% of the dose with generic cymbalta (12 hour half life as you doubtless know). ChessieCat indicated in one of here posts I believe that the transition from one form to another may need to be taken into consideration. With ER formula I am not sure of the amount of wriggle room - but I'll make a try where you think we have some flexibility. I am in general sensitive to CNS meds. The 2 mg drop (per MD!) in the liquid was intolerable. Thanks again, G.
  14. After holding for 2 months, I felt ready for a small cut. I have only cut by 6.25 mg (about 5%). Let's see how it goes. Study stress continues, but all will improve significantly after 20 September, after my draft project submission.
  15. Jlkdr

    Jlkdr: off Prozac

    Thank you so much, Shep!❤️ Very helpful!! I already feel my anxiety waning. I’ll start the meditation today. I can listen on flight as well!
  16. Shep

    Jlkdr: off Prozac

    8-Minute Fear of Flying Guided Meditation and Talk Down with Michelle video (8 minutes) From the description of the video: A fear of flying is quite common. It comes with the fear of not being in total control. The challenge of surrendering. This 8-minute meditation may be best with repetitive listening and make flying a better and more manageable experience. Even if you need a "rescue dose" of Klonopin, it's not the end of the world, only a reminder that you still have some work to do. And that's part of the process of coming off psychiatric drugs.
  17. August 2019 I was searching for a job but no luck, I spoke to 5 employers the last month but no luck. I've had high temp and apathy. and i read this is neuroleptic malign syndrome. I contacted doctor and he refused to answer. saying ask your doctor. when present the syndrome then discontinue. its serious If i discontinue what will come then? then what symptoms insomnia, the last i want. OR continue tapering The high temp which is neuroleptic syndrome in the morning it goes down and in the evening it goes up, I drink juices and smoothies. also as you know one of my favorite activities is the gym, i spend 1 hour and it helps me take away stress. and my hobby. and for now OFF. Thanks Miko
  18. Andie

    Andie: tapering off Pristiq

    I've been to see a Psychopharmacologist. He recommends coming off the compounded Pristiq ASAP. The time release is too critical as I am sensitive to fluctuations (as I've always suspected) He says compounded Pristiq should always be taken in divided doses and that Compounding Pharmacies are allowed a certain room for error each side of the prescribed dose. This isn't going by to work for me. Speaking to the Chief Pharmacist working for the same Hospital, he believes that Pristiq is the hardest medication to safely taper from because of the time release and lack of dosage options in Australia. I won't be posting here for a while. I need to digest that I've developed withdrawal syndrome after a slow and careful taper. I am taking some time to work out the next step.
  19. Jlkdr

    Jlkdr: off Prozac

    I am flying out to go visit my daughter. Any ideas for calming anxiety on flight? I usually take extra klonopin up to 3 mg. This will be my first time flying without. Jlkdr
  20. Onmyway

    Maya: introduction

    I've had three hyperthyroid crises when I'm usually hypothyroid. They were while not in WD and feel very similar - quick weight loss, insomnia, palpitations, anxiety, dysphoria restlessness. All times caused by thyroid inflammation. (Twice on no thyroid meds, once while on euthyrox). WD can mess things up even worse. Get your levels checked before you do anything else. I'm not saying these things are not or can't be WD but wouldn't it be lucky if they would from the thyroid and you could lower /quit your thyroid meds to get quick relief?
  21. Hi persistente, as someone who questions whether this is WD and whether it's the return of symptoms, I understand you! I need to remind myself it is indeed WD. what you are going through is WD. Have you read the book or articles by Dr Irving Kirsch? (Talks about how ADs work as placebos and are no better than placebos). Or Anatomy of an Epidemic by Robert Whitaker? (Talks about iatrogenic harm from psych drugs) Your 'bipolar-ness' is caused by the SSRI and now by the distabilization, it's a common side effect that leads to more drug prescriptions. I have never in my life been manic and during WD would have hypomania. It was/is uncomfortable. The fact that you had difficulties before you were put on the drugs does not mean you'll have them off of them. Most anxiety/depression is self limiting - gets better in a few months/year. However, it doesn't hurt to learn techniques to help in those situations. Do you have access to a therapist that does CBT? Or access to self help books using CBT? I can recommend books if you PM. (I don't check the forums often). They won't help as much with neuro emotions but they'll help in general. Kudos for taking care of your aunt I'm sure it means a lot to her even though it's a lot of responsibility for you. Hope your windows get longer and longer and the waves shallower!
  22. I work by this principle as well Gridley, but infrequently bounce amounts of olanzapine around that settle comfortably within a few days. From what I read on here that sort of dosing might be more brutal with SSRIs. There are also studies with neuroleptics showing good or better outcomes with alternate day doses as well, some referenced in the video gladtobehere1984 posted. May relate to half life of metabolisation or the pathways the different classes of drug affect, both, or who knows. Again my preferred approach is to work with a steady daily dose, but I do wonder if some of the neuroleptics, specifically olanzapine here, might be more forgiving than most of the SSRIs when used more intermittently.
  23. Sassenach

    Maya: introduction

    I understand you have not had problems in the past with Euthyrox but things change in W/D. When did you last have blood tests for your thyroid? If you go into hospital they will load you with higher dose meds unless procedures are very different in your country. Do not forget youare in W/D from a too fast taper. Low dose reinstatement is is the only known way to mitigate symptoms, but it important to know you have no underlying physical problems. Sassenach
  24. Maya

    Maya: introduction

    Hi, posting this story, don't know if allowed: https://patient.info/forums/discuss/harmed-or-suffered-adverse-effects-from-mirtazapine-i-need-your-stories-335312 I stopped sleeping at 30mg of Mirt (or before it when I was on sertraline in the meantime). I'm terribly tired but my head is as swollen, burning and hyper-alert. I was sleeping 4-6hrs but last 6 weeks I sleep 1-4 hrs at maximum. I'm sure all wd related issues as the body is under cortisol/adrenaline attack (Mirt has the strongest impact on HPA axis and adrenals from all ADs). I have never had any problems related to thyroid meds, I always slept 9-10hrs, never experienced anxiety before this AD and this neuroanxiety is really brutal. I'm sleep deprived and spiralled into deep depression as I see no way out of this mess, I'm already totally numb emotionally and physically. I'm weak from significant weight loss (I'm losing steadily), I can't leave house. New body symptoms start as hips pains, back pains, urinating problems. In fact, I don't know if there is anything much it can be done to support the body atm. Can't imagine what drugs are thrown at me that could cure it as well as takeaway of Mirt abruptly in a hospital. I feel desperate as this suffering can be much worse as it is.
  25. Sassenach

    Maya: introduction

    Hi Maya Sorry did not put very well yesterday. OMW has put it better above although I have never seen hair loss or acne directly related to W/D. You should get tourself checked as W/D can create med complications. Hopefully this may also convince your family you are trying to get well. Once we know an updose is not going to make matters worse, we can discuss it. Plese let us know how you are doing. Sassenach
  26. icequeen

    Caffeine "curing" my depression?

    People react differently to caffeine but I find that strong black coffee lifts my mood a bit - especially in the morning. I drink about three large cups a day of it and it doesn't make my symptoms worse at all.
  27. YammySteph

    YammySteph: Hello, here is my introduction!

    Haven't posted for awhile so I wanted to give an update. I hope this will be helpful to those who are looking to heal and also looking for answers. Mainly those who find this site randomly. I was a wreck when I first joined this site. Now I am back in action living life to the fullest at a 180 degree turn around with somewhat protracted withdrawals. I can fully say for sure, psychiatry and antidepressants are nothing more than business and strictly for profit. In other words, its Big Pharma. I'm finally able to tell people with evidence that its phony. & the #1 rebuttal is: "but it makes me feel better". So I tell em they're a drug addict. And they get pissy. But its okay, because I did that too in the past when I was pro psychiatry. I understand what its like to be ignorant because we didn't want to listen to understand, only to argue. They're shocked/stunned that I had mad disrespect for what they think is positive mental health. With all the knowledge I now know, I can NEVER pat someone on the back & tell them good job for taking antidepressants. I would be lying to them and a promise I made to myself if I didn't die from this is to be a better person. Antidepressants and the DSM is insult to those who have survived trauma and are working to fix their lives. Looking back on this, this was the one of the worst times of my life. Sometimes I think I made it up. As of right now, I am much more than 50% healed. I'm looking back at my entries and I stopped posting before the ER and when real crap went down. I apologize for not updating but I had much more interaction on other recovery groups and it made me feel more appreciated and I really needed that comfort during that time. Again, thank you Alto & others for helping me out here. Mental health is a tricky subject so this update will be real. I'm not going to sugar coat it, and I hope this blog isn't deleted, redacted, or anything because this is about spreading awareness and the truth on big pharma. This is my real experience on antidepressants. Many of you may not like what I have to say, but its the truth, and what I learned is we need to use pain as a teacher to improve life & ourselves. After my last entry, I ended up going to the ER in Feb. I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis after a cat scan. I was discharged and referred to a GI. Next few weeks I spent hours on the toilet crying but no blood. I figured at this point all I could do was change diet and supplements. I ended up doing the GAPS diet and stopped fruity supplements that people were suggesting in recovery groups. Oh yes, I was in many recovery groups on social media, and I actually saw some of you guys there! I joined UC & other IBD groups as well and although I was having many similar symptoms, I don't think I had real UC. Also, my hormones (endocrine system) was still damaged and cortisol was making things worse. Looking back on past entries, my endocrine system was damaged the most. I am a firm believer that antidepressants will damage the endocrine system, not just me, but anyone who takes them. It got worse and I couldn't eat. I chewed and spat for awhile. What that is is I chewed and when I realized I had food in my mouth, it made me want to vomit so I would spit it out. The taste would satisfy me to where I wouldn't be hungry. The painful cramps started right below my ribs past my uterus area. The cramps were a combo of menstrual, diarrhea, stomach pain, gas pain, constipation, hunger pain and nausea. This was due to my colon being inflamed. 24/7. Wake up & go to bed is just pain pain pain. This is what was leading up to my painful past entries. I also found on my own that I had SIBO/SIFO. I used the knowledge I learned in college to research and scientifically battle SIBO/SIFO without seeing a professional & perhaps curing my own SIFO/SIBO has given me too much of a self esteem boost about treating my self now lol. I have lost so must respect for the current medical community that I see nothing but profit from them. Anyone can now research and teach themselves anything. A homeless person could do the job of a doctor or nurse if you take away the cost of schooling. I used to think these guys deserved an award for being "so smart" but they're not. They have money for education. Take that away and anyone can become a doctor. If you can study, you go to med school. I started researching everything, and I mean everything. I changed my diet to paleo + fermented foods, no diary, grain, beans, but for now, all I could stomach was babyfood. Gerber was cheap but it tasted like dog food and made my gut hurt so I started reading labels. Beechnut had the best ingredients and I could stomach it much more. I also started to look up what my city water was made of so I switched to reverse osmosis water. I ate x2-x3 tbsp of cold-pressed coconut oil along with a good brand of fish oil. The cortisol capsules from xymogen was the best supplement I have purchased and luckily I no longer need it. I also implemented a lotof RSO (rick simpson oil) at this time. It nukes inflammation and it absolutely helped mine. At this point its been like 2 months and I knew I didn't have UC because I never had blood in my stool and thats a big indicator of IBD. The SIBO/SIFO sucked but doing research I treated it with over the counter stuff off Amazon & then for the final fight, this was about 4 months afterwards, I got Xifaxan from my GI and took that until the last few days it made me feel nauseous. Eventually the hours and hours on the toilet became fewer and fewer and stool started to harden up. What saved the day was the cannabis/RSO oil. My GI was inflamed and that really helped the pain and reduced the inflammation. So where am I know? Much better. Maybe 75%-80% better? I still have windows & waves, but I'm able to notice them and take a breather. My hormones are the most wonky and thats whats taking the longest to heal. I sometimes wake up at 5am but its not the "canon" as someone previously has mentioned. Also, during the "canon" time, I would wake up, but still be in my dream state, but I was able to feel my body filling up a "meter" of cortisol and when it reached the top, I got shot out of bed. Once I even darted out of my bed on all fours into the living room - it was something straight out of a horror movie. Tolerating the heat is still somewhat difficult but not nearly as bad as last year. I sweated so bad from endocrine problems that I ended up with x2 foot fungus from that. I get random cortisol spikes but I can recognize it like clockwork. I get sweaty & hot. Then I get anxious & confused. In the morning when I would have the bad spikes, I would take the Xymogen supplement, but now I just smoke a little bit of weed. I usually get morning spikes during a wave or when its extremely hot. I still take fish oil & most likely I will be doing that for life until I get sick from it. I also do probiotics as your gut really does impact your mental health. I take a b12 spray because the whole methyfolate thing just didn't click with me. We need more research on it. I also no longer have hypothyroidism and stopped taking Armour. The withdrawals on that sucked but it was a cakewalk compared to Celexa. As of right now, I am currently just taking supplements and doing fantastic. I switched my life to eating paleo and intermittent fasting. In past entries, I brought up money and having no family such as leaving my partner. I will be very honest and its the truth, it is very difficult without money or shelter in this country. You are in a very difficult position without insurance or if you have poor insurance with no money, you must prepare yourself. And that means getting money or getting by any means possible, whether legally or not. Because this is about our personal health & to hear we don't deserve treatment because we don't have enough printed green sheets of paper isnt healthy. Its a dog eat dog world. And I made it out. You can too without any money, family, friends or faith. You need to think outside the box and that experience will create new positive paths in life. I was extremely close to just giving up and going back on pills. What I lost has exponentially doubled in positive personal gain. I mentioned in earlier posts that my childhood was full blown abuse but during my researching, I read the body's way of healing is depression. Your body is letting you know you're hurt. But because I was diagnosed with BPD, depression, PTSD, I thought I was doomed to be "sad". And honestly yeah, it sucks but **** happens to the best of us and we should learn from painful memories rather than marinate and dwell on them. Psychiatry plays the image like it wants to help people, but really all it does is makes you stay and marinate in the same spot. When I did therapy treatment, it was easy on drugs, but take away the drugs and all that DBT/CPT went to hell. But really its not. I highly suggest many of you to participate in those therapy classes but NOT ON DRUGS because you need to learn how to use those skills yourself, not when you're high on paxil & lamictal. If I knew how to use those skills on my own, I wouldn't have gotten in those positions. I look back and think about my behavior while withdrawing and even when I was on antidepressants over 10 years ago. I get embarrassed thinking about my actions but they all make sense and why I did it: because I was a drug addict. I even created the image in my head that SSRIs and antidepressants was similar to desiccated serotonin like Armour giving T3 + T4 cells. So it fixed my "chemical imbalance". I created that because of media. We spread around "haha my chemical imbalance is acting up today (:" because we spread it around like common talk. I've done it since early 2000s. We see silly shirts in stores like JC Pennys or Krogers that say "The voices tell me to do things >:)" and thats propaganda from Big Pharma. Right, the "voices". How many "schizophrenics" have made themselves believe they hear voices because of all the media propaganda, cartoons, movies? Mental health is absolutely glorified. We hear of "mental health days" people throwing around "its my OCD". Big Pharma likes it, because its free publicity. And don't forget about ADD/ADHD meds. I partied with those in college and at festivals and children take them daily... All I can say is be above the influence. I almost died to this, but I definitely came out stronger. I personally don't think we can stop Big Pharma and I don't think we will for a long time. Thats my honest opinion. There is now new publication pamphlets for those recently diagnosed with mental disorders warning against people like me, "anti-psychs". Its saying how we're wrong and to always listen to your doctor - & they're right. Who are you going to believe? A pierced/tattooed up millennial or your doctor? We honesty are a small circle and we are shitting on peoples mental health by bashing the industry. But another important factor is, to each their own. I cannot stop one from taking an antidepressant but I can educate and implore them to further educate themselves. At this point, I turned this terrible lesson into something I will try and make better. I cannot thank this entire small community enough though. Because of this site & many of you participating, we can heal. Like I said, I don't think we can defeat Big Pharma anytime soon, but I do think we can help spread awareness on the dangers of these pharmaceuticals.
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