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    Thank you, Shep. I've tried these supplements off and on between 2017 and 2019. I don't have dates. Melatonin, 1 mg extended release, 3 mg 5 mg and 10 mg Lavender CBD oil L-theanine Magnesium (I still take that) Others that I can't remember None of the supplements had any effect at all, good or bad. I've felt completely agitated since starting Cymbalta in Sept 2016. The benzo withdrawal was bad, but the Cymbalta taper has done something to me that is indescribable....gutted my soul and changed me into an angry, bitter, raging, mean person so that I'm unrecognizable from the person I used to be. I'm not in a wave now as I've never had waves and windows....just a constant state of agitation, fear and black chemical depression. I've felt this way for the last three years and it gets worse the lower in dose that I get. I've not had one minute of a window. I constantly breathe loudly and audibly through my mouth...I think it's my body's way of trying to calm itself. I also have akathisia and insomnia and any sleep I get is in the daytime and only in 1 to 2 hr intervals. I'm unable to socialize, relate to anyone, read, listen to music or distract other than tv in small amounts. I'm incapable of experiencing any pleasure of any kind. Being outside and hearing birds sing depresses me as does everything and everyone. All my drug changes are in my signature. There has been no symptom change other than a continual, downward slide with constant fear and thoughts of death, doom, and eternal damnation. I can't imagine living like this much longer. All I can think about is getting off of this poison drug...I'm obsessed with it.
  3. Hey Breath of Air, I had a good day. I was able to go about normal things and was really distracted from overthinking. It was sunny here in London, and I sat in the garden, just taking in the smells and the blue sky, and actually feeling happy and content. I live for days like this. They remind me that I'm going to be okay again. This recovery/ stabilising lark is so weird. Tried to do exactly the same things on Thursday and just couldn't tolerate it, had to go back in and sit in the shade. Felt totally flat and depressed. Then had acupuncture, which has set me right again. I trained as a psychotherapist, and as a result, have had years of therapy, which really helped before when I was depressed. Now it's a bit different. I feel like I need someone who understands what psych drugs can do to the brain and is on board with the whole notion of withdrawal syndrome. I'd quite like to find an antidepressant survivors group, also. Maybe it's a case of starting one.... Am so glad your counsellor was good. I'm a big advocate for talking therapy. Is your therapy CBT based? Yes, meditation can be tricky at times like these. I use an app called Headspace, it has different packs of meditations and I'm working through one called ' letting go of stress.' It's more of a visualisation, which I find easier to do in my current position. How was your day? Beginning yoga again sounds like a really good idea, something gentle like Hatha Yoga? Are you able to do any of the relaxation exercises on YouTube....am gonna give them a go.... Sending you good wishes for a better day today 😊
  4. planifolia

    Chris: Story And Lexapro Withdrawal

    Hello Chris, welcome to the forums! I am sorry you are having a rough time. Just wanted to reassure you that with time, your WD symptoms will inevitably disappear as your brain repairs itself. Don’t underestimate the resilience of the nervous system. And like Gridley said, the short time that you were on drug is at your advantage and hopefully healing is not too far away. The feeling of never being able to heal is also part of the cognitive symptoms of WD - I call it “Murphy’s Mind” because it behaves like murphy’s law. When in wD, we are in fight flight freeze mode and are constantly looking for threat and unreaistically catatrophizing things - the “what ifs” obsessions. Don’t believe them, they are only thoughts and you should treat them like you would treat your ear ringing, burning - just another symptom 💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿
  5. liz419

    Tips for tapering off Pristiq (desvenlafaxine)

    The bottle says "discard by 6/25/19" and we picked up the bottle at the beginning of May, so it seems like mine is set to be disposed of after around 2 months.
  6. Priscilla

    Priscilla: questions about Zyprexa

    Update: I've been feeling so-so all day. I'm internally crying. This is not fun. I just hope that it isn't permanent. That's my worst nightmare.
  7. LadyBlonde

    LadyBlonde: little blue pills

    Hey! Sorry for the delayed response, I'm finally getting around to writing this. Thanks for checking in! I'm going strong on 1.5 years completely free of AD. To answer your question, yes I am still drinking coffee. I stopped for a little bit but when the weather got cold it was nice to have and I felt like I needed something warm and to also give me a boost. I have recently added aloe vera juice to my diet and I always feel great afterwards. I have it in the morning first thing and before bed with lemon water and it does a good job making me sleepy. Soda water is great, I love to drink La Croix (are you familiar with it?). Yum I want to make some ginger tea, I know I've got some ginger in the fridge. I won't lie, I've been in a bit of a funk this month as I become consumed by negative thoughts. The town I live in has hardly anyone my age and it has been next to impossible to make friends. I've lived here 6 years and cannot say I have anyone here to call a friend. All the friends I've got live far away in the city or another state. It gets very lonely/frustrating and being 29 years old with no girlfriends close by is depressing. Also, I am very much into yoga and this town has no yoga studios or anything. The teaching job I had in town has been cancelled because not enough people were interested. I feel very stuck and defeated. That's just how I feel in this moment. I always appreciate the check in and hope you are doing well! xo
  8. It will depend on how low you need to go before you jump. I realise that it seems like a long time, however, when reducing it is better to think in terms of how much we have reduced the drug, not how much longer it is going to take. I have been tapering off 100g Pristiq for 3 years 5 months. I am now down to 3.25mg and I've still got at least another 2 years to go. But I'd rather get off my drug with minimal discomfort than to risk reducing too quickly and end up suffering unnecessarily.
  9. Hey ! I cured SIBO in 1.5 years. I took a combo of xifaxin & flagyl for 2 weeks , 1 cap of allicin 3x a day for 2 weeks and 3 drops oil of oregano in water 3x day for 2 weeks. I also followed a strict SCD diet. When taking antibiotics or antimicrobials I strayed from the SCD diet and ate what I wanted to break the biofilm the bacteria forms which can make it difficult to kill. After I got a negative SIBO test I took a multistrain probiotic and saccharomyces boulardii continuously for several years to prevent c diff and I continue to drink fresh ginger tea daily for motility. This protocol was for methane dominant SIBO , if you're hydrogen dominant you can take Xifaxin alone without Flagyl or Neomycin.
  10. Hi Jgarza, I can attest to the fact that it does get better! The first few months were a living hell for me. I didn't think it would get better. I just wanted it to end. I'm 226 days into recovery of cold turkey olanzapine, and beginning to feel better. I have a loving wife also, and this ******* drug tested our relationship on so many levels. Your love is there, even if you feel like it has gone and you can't feel anything. The drug masks everything, the withdrawals mask allll of your feelings, and leave anxiety and depression. It's really, really hard to get through this crap, but with time, and being kind to yourself, you'll get better! Shane.
  11. Thank you! And thank you for the advice and info. As long as I know it will get better and his system isn't going into shock, I feel a lot better and that I can handle his agitation and moodiness.
  12. Just wanted to say you sound like an amazing mom! Major props to you for doing this for your son, I don't know many people who would be so understanding or willing to learn like you are.
  13. Okay so once I stabilize from this cold turkey and rapid taper... I can start tapering again. How long in reality is it going to take for 10% reductions. I think I calculated it right, but it seems like that’s way too long... 2.5 mg of buspar at night only 50mg Zoloft
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  15. Gridley

    Nena59: A long wave

    Nena, it sounds as if you're doing very well, all things considered. It takes a long time for many (I would say most) of us to recover, and your improvement in symptoms is very encouraging. From what you've written, especially about the windows, it seems very clear that your brain is doing what it does so well, healing. The dullness, depression, apathy and general blah-ness are very normal. (By the way, just my personal opinion, but I'm not convinced that gluten is bad unless you have celiac disease. Your call.) The following link deals with how long it takes to heal. Some of the information might be upsetting but the overall message contains great hope. The first link is most germane to your situation but many of the other links may be helpful also.. HOW LONG IS THIS GOING TO TAKE? How Long Is Withdrawal Going to Take? (this post - see below) How Long, the Bottom Line Indirect Factors That Influence ADWD Is It Really Withdrawal? Stability But I only took it for a Week Tachyphylaxis or As It’s Lovingly Known “Poopout” CT and Fast Tapers Reinstatement Drug Interactions WDnormal (withdrawal normal) It doesn’t end at “0” Things to do Along the Way So, When Will We Get There?
  16. Stephanie, Yes, I would leave it alone rather than make any changes. I wish I could say how long the adjustment will take but I can't. You have almost a month before camp, so that's good. Let's just hold steady and see how it goes. Please keep us updated.
  17. Thank you! So I should just leave it alone until his body adjusts. Is there any way to know how long this might go on? He goes to camp June 22. Do you think it will be better by then? Thanks again, Stephanie
  18. Gridley


    Whenever I see this reminder elsewhere it always helps me, so I''ll post it here: Be kind to yourself.
  19. When switching from liquid to tablet or tablet to liquid, there is often a transition period when the body reacts to the change. This is because the body absorbs tablets differently from liquid. This upset usually calms down after a fairly short time. Please keep us updated on how he's doing.
  20. This was the case for me too. Fortunately, it was one of the first things that cleared up for me. The other was insomnia. I'm sleeping decently now. My biggest issues now are dizziness, visual disturbances and blurred vision. I have a handful of other, less debilitaring symptoms as well, but I am beginning to see signs of stabilization in the windows and waves pattern. But an overall trend of (glacially slow) improvement. Maria, hang in there. You have been through the pharmaceutical wringer. I'm sorry that MS complicates things for you, but trying to tease out which symptom is attributable to what disorder will just drive you crazy. It will all pass. Meanwhile, take it easy on yourself and your CNS. This forum is a great source of invaluable information as well as peer support. We are all here for you.
  21. Thank you. It's been 2 weeks since I switched from water to tablet. I'm afraid if I mess with it more I'll mess him up even worse.
  22. You have posted in the correct place. I will bring your post to the attention of the other mods.
  23. Hi, Where can I post so that someone responds? My son is very agitated ll the time. Is this from switching from water with abilify dissolved to a tablet? Thank you
  24. ChessieCat

    Vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol or calcitriol)

    SA suggests doing your own research and using caution when introducing new things. Members in psychiatric drug withdrawal can have sensitised systems and it is better to try a small dose of the substance to test to see how you react to it. Also only introduce one new thing at a time, as well as only one change at a time, eg do not introduce a new thing at the same time you make a reduction in your drug: Keep it Simple, Slow and Stable
  25. Priscilla

    Priscilla: questions about Zyprexa

    Update: I'm vacillating between feeling good and bad. It's a bit uncomfortable, but I do think I've had slight improvements (not sure though).
  26. Nena59

    Nena59: A long wave

    I have been completely off Prozac and bupropion since October 1, 2016 after taking them for 20 years. I have gotten a lot better in many ways. I don't have body aches or anxiety attacks. I'm not as anxious when my husband leaves for a few days, leaving me alone at home ( I used to love an empty house 😞 ). My brain zaps are milder and less frequent. I have a very clean diet, try to get plenty of sleep and exercise daily, mainly walking. I am more fit at 60 than I was in my 20's. I meditate and "pray" almost every morning. I take the important supplements. I really do everything right, except for the gluten free, non-chocolate sweets treats that I allow myself occasionally. My husband is awesome...very patient...my rock. My children are also supportive, I have a great family.Many of my friends understand and listen to my woes occasionally. I even have a friend that tapered from ad years ago on her own. She suffered for a few years...she is great to talk to. I wish I met her before I went cold-turkey. I suffer from migraines a couple times a month so diet, exercise and sleep are very important. The headaches certainly don't help with this withdrawal. My father passed last year and my mother had successful lung cancer surgery a few months later. These events and my changing role as daughter certainly slowed my healing. I'm still grieving and learning. My biggest concern is that I will never get better. I have little joy. Most days I feel better in the evening. My days of feeling depressed are very long. The good and bad used to be more distinct, it's all a bit dulled now. No strong windows or waves. I don't work and so a lot of things that I should be doing get put off for lack of desire. I don't want to do the things that I loved to do before wd...really don't want to do anything. I walk instead or read. Then I push myself to finish things that I have started. I have such an awesome life on the outside, but my inside life is painful. People really don't know. I guess they just think of me as quiet and uninteresting. I had a couple of window days last week...windows in that most of the day I felt good with occasional jabs of sadness. I hiked up a hill for 2.5 miles, quickly. I felt GREAT! My body felt that good pull that you feel with exercise. I realized I hadn't felt that in years! It was one time, now gone. I used to be more hopeful. I am just so tired of pushing and not just being able to enjoy my life.
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