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  2. Last night I couln't sleep in despite of the melatonine I took. I just rested in my bed. Today I have everywhere extra musclepain. I can't do much today I expect. I have to wait till this day will pass.
  3. EnglishSteve

    EnglishSteve: Help needed. Mirtazapine

    Are you about Songbird. What caused your akathasia if you don’t mind me asking ?
  4. Dabhob33

    Dabhob33: Introduction

    6/23/18 730 - woke 8 - breakfast -valium 5mg /eye drops 9 - 450mg Lithium 12 - Lunch 1230 - Power washed patio walkway to gate 5 - dinner at Chili’s 9 - lithium 225mg / 5mg Valium 1030 - sleep 6/24/18 630 - woke
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  6. BigPapa

    Cold Turkey

    It says on my signature. I started in 2002, briefly quit in May 2017, then restarted in July 2017.
  7. fuerza

    Rick213: Valdoxan

    I'm gonna answer to this thread. You asked about my symptoms going off. Unfortunately, I have no idea. I reduced Valdoxan after a very short taper from Effexor XR which was a huge mistake. I had crazy bad waves, but I made a very reckless decision too. You said that the other CTs didn't affect you as much. It's possible that the other CTs are catching up with you. Also, have you gotten you liver tested? It's almost mandatory to get liver tests when you take Valdoxan as it can damage the liver. How's your diet and do you exercise? I personally can't have any sugar, coffee or too much gluten, and I also don't tolerate exercise. An interesting side effect after reducing Valdoxan is that my craving for cigarettes increases. I know smoking is bad, especially when taking psych drugs, but I'm waiting 'til the end of my Valium taper to quit to maintain steady blood levels.
  8. Madeleine

    Cold Turkey

    Sorry to hear you are going through this but glad you found us. When did you stop taking the Lexapro? When did you restart it? When did you start taking the other drugs?
  9. This wasn't a slow taper. This was cold turkey. I just wanted to know if the symptoms ever ease with time.
  10. BigPapa

    Cold Turkey

    I wanted to ask if anybody out there has experienced severe withdrawal symptoms of raging insomnia without feeling tired and total loss of appetite. I was on 10mg of Lexapro for 15 years and made the mistake of going cold turkey. After that my life has pretty much been destroyed. Last night I slept for maybe a total of 2 hours. I have horrible insomnia but I'm constantly wired and awake. It's almost as if I'm robotic and not human anymore. My physiological symptoms have not eased. I'm taking Lexapro at the same dose along with Mirtazapine 15mg and Trazadone at 50mg. They offer very little help. Is there any chance that the central nervous system finally heals? It's been so long since I felt tired and relaxed. I don't even remember anymore. On top of that I have awful suicidal ideation which I can barely control most of the time. Even walking around to do exercise doesn't seem to help because my body doesn't respond to activity. It just keep going without any feeling of fatigue after walking miles.
  11. Madeleine

    Rockrose21: Leaving Zoloft

    Your situation is most definitely related to Zoloft imo. The moderators can advise you better but I think if you are feeling progressively better then it might be good to stay off. Also worry creates physical symptoms ie the flight or fight response: your nervous system gets ramped up and that leads to anxiet my and creates a cycle. So so try to learn to lessen anxiety and worry: pray, meditate, think positive thoughts etc
  12. EnglishSteve

    EnglishSteve: Help needed. Mirtazapine

    Please help . Why has the subject been merged i’ve put it in tapering ,I was hoping for as many people to see as possible and get some suggestions
  13. EnglishSteve

    EnglishSteve: Help needed. Mirtazapine

    Hi Singbird thanks for getting back to me. I didn’t reinstate I’m still on 7.5 but I think I’m going to have to do as I’m not going to make it feeling like this. I’ve just been for a 7 mile walk and I’ve just got back home and I’m completely on edge and still can’t relax. I’m pacing up and down in my house crying. what can I do I’m in a bad way.
  14. Hi Lex, I hope that alI the stretches will help you. From what Ive read its difficult to deal with. Theres a lot going on in the pelvis/buttocks isnt there. I suspect one problem could cause another. Ive read that a few times. I've lost my routine. I have been on my feet too much, and not laying down enough. I've started to keep a journal on all this pain by drawing diagrams of the leg/buttock/foot etc and marking with a circle where the pain is. I draw a box for morning, afternoon,tea time, and end of the evening. I'm starting to see a pattern of this being pretty good in the am, and worsening in the pm. Also it will help me to describe to any Doctors better as I have not been able to explain it properly. When I was given Gabapentin and Amiltriptyline I just was so pain Free the Doctors haven't seen me since for 3 years. Because I couldn't feel it hardly I just stopped Persuing the cause. If I can be sure mine is pudendal there's hardly any point in Persuing a cure. They want to stick electrodes in privates and rectum to try innervate the nerve, also nerve blocks that may or not work, then if these have been successfull it can lead to decompression surgery which takes 1 year of more pain to recover from, and plus all the investigations I just mentioned can all make the condition worse! I've read many stories of people getting worse. That's not all either another treatment that can be tried and is carried out regularly is internal trigger point therapy. A therapist literally massages inside your privates!! Just reading all this makes me worse. Hope this post doesn't scar anyone for life! It is really something if a patient can even manage the symptoms ie: adiquate pain relief is what I have concluded, I think the Gabapentin is helping to some degree but not as well as it was yet. I did not feel all of this pain before I tried tapering it. Compared to how it was before I up dosed it is a bit better for sure. Its about 4 weeks now so there's time still I hope for more improvement.
  15. You are NOT a failure. This is a temporary situation due to the drug withdrawal. You will get better . You are NOT alone. All of us here understand what you are going through. Everyone who has read your story as I have cares about you and wants you to feel better. Turn to people here, get support, get better and eventually you will be back to where you want to be and stronger than ever before. And then you can pay it forward and help others here on the forum or in your day to day life. If the friend is a true friend and your friendship is meant to be then you will get back to that friend some day. Or you will find new friends. There are many lonely people looking for friends. If you want to find a friend when you feel better reach out and be a friend to someone and you will once again have meaningful connections. Have you ever read books by Norman Vincent Peale? Get a copy of the power of positive thinking and read it or listen to it on audio books. If you have already read it now is the time to reread it again. Be compassionate to yourself. Have faith.
  16. It sure is, I’ve had that too. It makes you think you have a sinus infection or something. plus headaches along with it.
  17. I haven’t tried a lower dose yet-was waiting to see how things go at 9mg paroxetine. I will try lowering to 3 mg of the melatonin tonight.
  18. Hopetobefree

    Australia members, please check in here

    Hi everyone, I live in Melbourne and would love to organise a meet up for those who are wanting some face to face support. Is there anyone interested? Or I could possibly come up to Sydney? I've just recently joined SA and I'm going through tough Lexapro withdrawals for 4 months.
  19. DMV64

    Waterfall: Introduction

    I am so sorry you are suffering. I pray you will have some relief. I know it is hard. Most of my days I am struggling. We can only do it a moment at a time...and keep talking.
  20. Daisy

    Daisy: Effexor xr

    I want to believe that if I treat my body well, it will heal quickly. 🌻
  21. Me too! i have an undergrad degree in design and we spent some time in the darkroom. Winding the film into the canister! I remember!
  22. Daisy

    Daisy: Effexor xr

    Thank you Peng. It has been a rough time and scary. I am trying very hard to keep a positive attitude. 🌻
  23. See? This is amazing to me! You have so much positive energy and ability to get out there. You are an inspiration!
  24. DMV64

    DMV64: Reinstate Saphris?

    Thanks Rosetta. At the moment I am having a window. And I am very grateful. Hope you are well. xoxo
  25. Hi Melissa, Im sorry you always have such pain. Wow, you’ve got a long way to cycle to get to the shops. Mine are a ten minute walk away, though some days I don’t have the strength to walk up during the day when I have no car. I hope you’ve been finding things to help distract yourself from the pain. I’ve been editing photos of flowers I’ve taken as some friends and I are having a flower competition. Tomorrow is day three. I loooove flowers. It’s not really a competition, we’re just having fun. It has been bringing a smile to my face. So many amazing flowers. Major nature freak here. Nature is very soothing when you’re sick. Glad the grocery shopping went fine, you sporty person you. Watching soccer sounds like a good distraction. I’m not a footy fan but Rugby League is really big here. Big game tonight, State Of Origin, between Queensland and New South Wales. I crochet blankets for some friends in their footy colours, that’s the extent of my football involvement.😄 Crocheting is one of my major distractions, it has got me through some hard times. I don’t actually watch any sports. I’m not a tv watcher, I just watch DVDs and Netflix. Now they’ve been great distractions. Take care💚
  26. voyteck

    Ketamine treatment

    Short report of my experience with esketamine (clinical trial). I had 5 applications. It didn't help for any of my problems. However, I was taking also AD med (I had no choice, it was requirement of this version of trial). And I'd like to try it once again when I'm 'clean' - with no real hope but curiosity.
  27. Carmie

    direstraits: Paxil withdrawal

    Hi direstraits, So glad you’re planning more boardwalk walks. If I lived near the beach I’d be down there all the time. The waves are soothing, great when going through withdrawals. Yes, it’s hard to make friends when you’re shy. Maybe you could join a group that does crafts, paints or something? It’s hard though when withdrawals are bad to try and act cheery when you feel so horrible though. I think I’ve become really good at putting on a front. My friends have seen me in tears a few times though too. They’re pretty cool, they take me as I come. I’m afraid I’ve never been shy, I’m very outgoing. Have you ever done the Myers Briggs personality test? I’m an ENFP, which is one of the extroverted personalities, but the one that needs the most alone time too. I love people but I like my space too. Hope you’re coping as best you can. Just read your signature again, must be hard being in protracted withdrawal. That big open window with fresh air will one day open really wide for you. Take care💚💚
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